The “Beast” and the “Beauty” Within Us

The “Beast” and the “Beauty” Within Us

“Tale as old as time.”


I’m pretty sure you sang the line upon reading it. That’s how familiar we all are with the songs and story of ”Beauty and the Beast” since it became a blockbuster animated film in 1991.

We already know them by heart.

But why did we immediately go to the cinemas when we learned of  Beauty and the Beast’s release this March 2017, to again make it a global box office hit?

First of all, we all love Emma Watson. I find her perfect for the role. Everyone who loved her as Hermione in the Harry Potter stories is excited to see her portray “Belle” this time!

Second, we all love to hear the songs again, thanks to Howard Ashman and Tim Rice for the wonderful lyrics, and to Allan Menken for the awesome music that contributed to the allure of the movie.

Third, we all love its story. There’s something about it that everybody can relate to. We can sometimes relate to the proud prince judging the physical appearance of the woman who cast a spell on him. Well,  obviously because of his degrading attitude.

Ladies can also relate to Belle’s resentment towards “Gaston”, for being that aggressive and conceited suitor every girl just wants to avoid!

Single, loving parents can relate to “Maurice”, for raising his child alone because of the death of his wife when “Belle” was just a baby.

Daughters can relate to “Belle”, for caring that much to the only parent she grew up with. I, myself, love those scenes with her father, as I treasure every moment now with my aging dad. I did feel misty-eyed watching the lengths Belle would go to protect his father and save him from his dilemma, as if I didn’t know the story!

Fourth, in this day and age, I guess we are still hopelessly romantic. Watching a prince fall for a simple girl and vice versa still doesn’t lose its charm. We still want to find forever in movies!

Fifth, “Beauty and the Beast” reminds us of special lessons in life.

Staying humble, persevering during life’s struggles, not losing hope and believing in the power of love are all part of the lessons we should remember from this movie.

As for me, looking into the heart of the person, and appreciating that person for all that he/she is instead of judging his/her personal appearance, are two of the most important messages from this story.

We all have that “beast” inside of us, when we are mean and when we look down on others. Yet isn’t it comforting to know that there are people out there who will accept us for who and what we are? They are the ones who help us transform to become better persons.

Like what “Belle” did to the “Beast,” they simply bring out the “beauty” within us.