Why I’m Excited About the Return of Nokia and Its 3310 Mobile Device

Why I’m Excited About the Return of Nokia and Its 3310 Mobile Device

Remember that time when Nokia 3310 was such a fad? Everybody’s goal was to have one. It was handy. It had many casing or cover designs to choose from. Aside from this, it had features that were appreciated by all. It also introduced games, such as the Snake, in mobile phones which added to the popularity of the much-loved 3310. No wonder it was one of the best-selling mobile phones of all time!

But my fascination was not only with the gadget.  It was also with the brand or manufacturer itself.  I still love Nokia.

I was one of those few who still preferred to use Nokia GSM mobile phones in the years when their release was discontinued. I’m still using them to this very day. While majority of the people use android or smart phones, I am not at all ashamed to use my old Nokia phones–those without touch screen features–in public! I could accurately text without even looking at the keypad!

I admit being laughed at even by my closest friends. But I just shrugged my shoulders and let them criticize me.

I got to laugh at them too anyway, when their android phones’ batteries became empty and they had to find some place to charge. I had no such experience with my Nokia phones. And I didn’t even have to bring my charger whenever I went out!

Just why have I loved my Nokia phones even in those times when they were considered obsolete?

Because they were, and still are, so reliable. I can’t remember if or when I changed the batteries of my phones, because of the amazing length of their battery life.

When a super typhoon struck and there was no electricity for more than a week, my Nokia phone served as our flashlight. I even accidentally dropped it when there was a big flood.  Yet I still got to use it and it functioned as if it didn’t get wet at all!

This Nokia phone served all its purpose.

It was very useful for emergency calls, time and alarm clocks,  text messages, games and other features, to name a few. I am so happy that Nokia has returned. It has released not just the new version of the 3310, but also new smart phones which I’m sure will live up to Nokia’s image of heavy-duty and dependable products.

I’m definitely excited to buy a new Nokia 3310, to have first-hand experience with its new features and to enjoy its longevity!

It will be a very welcome addition to my collection of different Nokia phones. What’s more, I won’t feel so out-of-this-world anymore. There’ll be many people out there who’ll have this product soon.

I am not saying that you have to turn your back on android or smart phones, or not consider other brands or manufacturers in the market.

Also, I don’t suggest turning your back to technology, innovations, and other globally-competitive companies. I am only sharing my experience and how contented I am with this device. Because if you’re a very busy person like me, you’ll just prefer having the 3310. It is more practical, not to mention, affordable.

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