2022 DOST Qualifiers, Here are the Things that Await You If You Study at PNU!

2022 DOST Qualifiers, Here are the Things that Await You If You Study at PNU!

You, 2022 DOST qualifiers, have a pretty exciting journey should you decide to study at the Philippine Normal University (PNU). The perks of being DOST scholars at PNU are plenty!

The coronavirus pandemic may have created lots of changes in your lives these past two years, and that includes adapting to remote learning and the new normal. But no worries, PNU can still make your studies worthwhile. And we’re getting ready for the face-to-face classes soon!

The hardworking personnel of the campus will guide you with your application for admission. They’ll help you with the step-by-step procedures of your enrolment, while the MIS people will provide you with your own PNU email address and help you access your student portal or e-PNU.

Then once enrolled, you’ll benefit from the app exclusively designed for PNU students. This is where you can access your course syllabus, toolkit, or references, submit files, chat, join a forum, get notifications even from its calendar to remind you of deadlines, and so much more! For sure, distant learning can still be fun when you’re enrolled at PNU!

DOST qualifiers were given special schedules (when admission was already closed) of the PNU Admission Test (PNUAT) before the pandemic period.

For so many years, DOST qualifiers were exempted from taking the PNUAT. But since a new law was passed so that students may have free tuition fees in state universities, you, DOST qualifiers, do have to undergo PNUAT. Well, that’s the rule before the pandemic. This time around when you can’t visit the university, the PNU-DOST Undergraduate Office will do the necessary requests to try to have you be admitted in this best education institution.

So, 2022 DOST qualifiers, what’s the first thing you should do if you wish to study at PNU?

Get in touch first with the PNU-DOST undergraduate scholarship staff. She will respond to your inquiries and help you get started with your application for admission. You can reach her through [email protected] or at https://www.facebook.com/It.is.Gfernandez.

Aside from her, there are also some scholars who are willing to answer your queries, so try direct messaging the association’s president at https://www.facebook.com/michaelangelo.lerpido, the other officers of our scholars’ association at https://www.facebook.com/jezle.ducosin and https://www.facebook.com/haymesilvestre. our SC representative https://www.facebook.com/itsmesamjoseph.09, and the Office’s volunteer scholar-assistant at https://www.facebook.com/macaryl.villones.

Your application for admission and enrolment are done online first to keep you safe from the coronavirus.

2022 DOST qualifiers, these are the admission documents that you need to prepare, based on the college admission requirements posted by the PNU Office of Admissions:

  • Certified true copy of Form 137 or 138, with  no grade lower than 80% in English, Science and Mathematics; No failing grades in other subjects, and with a weighted General Weighted Average of 85% or its equivalent;
  • Certificate of enrolment from SHS or certification from the school principal that you are graduating from SHS;
  • Signed Data Privacy Consent form (Google form will be provided by the Admissions Office once your application for admission is approved);
  • Two recommendation forms that are provided by your high school principal, guidance counselor, class adviser, or subject area teacher (Again, Google forms will be provided by the Admissions Office once your application for admission is approved);
  • 2×2 colored ID picture with name tag and white background;
  • Certificates of extracurricular activity and leadership engagements, if available.

Be sure that you also have the following once your request for admission in the university is approved:

  • Birth Certificate from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)
  • X-Ray (Chest) film (with result)
  • Drug Test (with result)

Other important documents to be submitted (even on a later date) for PNU-DOST Undergraduate Office are as follows:

  • ID picture
  • Endorsement letter from DOST-SEI; and
  • Soft copies of all the admission requirements

As 2022 DOST qualifiers, you automatically become members of the PNU-DOST Scholars’ Association.

Its officers and members will assist you from your enrolment to your academic concerns. Then once admitted to your field of specialization, you will automatically become members of the organizations in Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry. 

And then DOST qualifiers who opt to take Bachelor in Library Science, or Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education ,will be welcomed by the Society of Technology and Library Science Educators (STELSE) group.

The university also allotted a Learning Resource Center (LRC) for DOST qualifiers.

This exclusive room for DOST undergraduate and graduate recipients is an ideal place to study, do research, conduct meetings and group reviews. The room also has two computer units  and many tables to help  you with your research work. You’ll have a great time studying and feeling at home inside the LRC once face-to-face classes resume.

The scholars are likewise free to visit the PNU-DOST Office for consultation meetings, once the face-to-face classes resume.

The Office aims to provide you with guidance and support if  you have personal or academic problems. These confidential talks will help you cope with what you’re going through to help you maintain your scholarship. You’ll have no problem with your inquiries because the PNU-DOST coordinator and staff, and the officers of the scholars’ association, are always willing to help and assist you virtually.

There are six courses to choose from that are accredited by DOST-SEI.

These are : 

  • Bachelor in Mathematics Education (BME) with Certificates in Teaching Junior Secondary/Senior Secondary Education
  • Bachelor in Science Education with Specialization in Biology with Certificates in Teaching Junior Secondary/Senior Secondary Education
  • Bachelor in Science Education with Specialization in Chemistry with Certificates in Teaching Junior Secondary/Senior Secondary Education
  • Bachelor in  Science Education with Specialization in Physics with Certificates in Teaching Junior Secondary/Senior Secondary Education.
  • Bachelor of Library and Information Science
  • Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education with Specialization in Information and Communications

The university has an environment that’s truly conducive to learning. You’ll definitely love the campus when face-to-face classes resume.

Photo credit: JB Ronquillo

There is a wide grassland where students can sit on for review and peer group sessions. The famous UTMT is also an area of relaxation and is a well-loved place for the students. UTMT stands for “under the mango tree” which has been there for years and years! The campus  has a chapel, library, seats near pathwalks, food stalls and canteen or cafeteria as well. What’s more, renovations are ongoing to provide better facilities. And the comfort rooms are pretty awesome!

PNU observes a trimester scheme.

Our last academic school year started in October and will end in the month of July. The curricular programs are designed to equip students with extensive training and knowledge on education and their fields of specialization.

The university also observes wellness break, making sure that the students are well taken care of this time of the pandemic. it also provides webinars for its students to cope better with the difficulties many of them encounter in the new normal.

PNU provides many of the best educators in the country.

Being the National Center for Teacher Education, the campus takes pride in having the best teachers with the ability of  nurturing and honing the skills, talents, and knowledge of students who will become future teachers and leaders in the country. What more can you ask for?!

So if you, 2022 DOST qualifiers, wish to obtain the best curricular programs and training for teachers, PNU is the school for you!

With its nice location, everything is easily accessible when face to face classes are back. It’s near the city hall, national museum, hospitals and malls. It’s also near affordable boarding houses and rooms for rent, parks,  computer shops, photocopier and printing services, and eateries. You’ll surely enjoy your financial privileges from your DOST scholarships because you’ll spend less if you study at PNU.

The university also has organizations and linkages that will give you sense of belongingness.

And you are safe from organizations which may have a bad influence on you.

Choosing PNU as your school will give you the satisfaction and fulfillment as future educators and leaders of the country.

So if you want to enroll in courses which will give you the best training in education, you’d better study here. Remember, “Behind a great person is a great teacher.” And there’s this another truth – “Behind a great teacher is a great university”.

So, choose the profession that will always be in demand. That’s teaching.

Choose the National Center for Teacher Education in the country. That’s PNU. 

So, 2022 DOST qualifiers, what are you waiting for?! Get in touch with us now and look forward to your bright future!