5 FB Posts that Rub Our Friends the Wrong Way

5 FB Posts that Rub Our Friends the Wrong Way

They don’t tell us about it, but we have Facebook (FB) posts that make our friends want to unfollow us!

I’ve asked them about it and here are some of the things I found out.

1. They hate it when we become extreme political analysts.

Yeah, it can be fun sometimes to post about our points of view on local and international politics. Why not? All of us are entitled to express our thoughts on social media. But let’s admit it, many of us are no experts on politics!

My friends say they get really fed up whenever they open their FB accounts and the first thing they’d see would be that post again and again from “you-know-who”, criticizing certain politicians as if they know all the facts, as if they have first-hand experience of the story, talking about the topic for seemingly ten long years already when they just heard about it a few months ago!

If we keep having this kind of FB status, it might eventually turn to online arguments and fights. Believe me, it’s not worth losing friendships and relationships at all over different political views.

But if we can’t really help but post about politics, well, just keep it cool and relevant, or funny if you like.

2. They are stressed out when we become pessimists.

Our friends say they open their FB account and read the news feed to relax. Yes, to unwind, to have fun, to be entertained.  So just imagine the expression on their faces when all they’d see are our posts about bad and sad feelings, anxieties, doubts, fears and everything miserable, yet all of that may not even happen. We just want to post things like that.

No wonder our friends just decide to sleep and watch movies!

 3. They don’t like it when we post selfies of ourselves many times a day.

Side view, front view, top view, and all kinds of views. In just a few minutes upon waking up,  we have already posted lots of selfies of ourselves in different angles. Then we’d repeat that again during lunch break and we’d feel like doing it again when evening comes.

We post every selfie, and we want our friends to react positively on that! At first of course they would. But if we post selfies many times a day during the week, oh well, we can’t blame our friends if they get bored and decide to unfollow us!

4. They find it superficial when we post too many Bible verses.

Don’t get mad at me. That’s what our friends say. They don’t like us doing that many times a day, but ONLY WHEN the ones who post them appear reproachful.

And so our friends would tell us, “Why don’t you practice what you preach? That way we’ll be inspired and grateful.”

 5. They cringe at our mushy FB posts.

Our friends say they don’t like it at all when couples always declare their undying love, and discuss their sweet moments on FB for the whole world to know.

Hey, they say they’re not bitter about the posts. It’s just that they find it a bit corny. They even wonder if those couples are really happy and contented about their relationships as they think out loud, “If you really, really love your partner, why not tell him or her those things in private?”

These are just some of the things our friends don’t want to see on Facebook. But as they say, there’s really nothing they can do about it if we still post things they don’t like. They can always unfriend or unfollow us if they have enough of these kinds of posts anyway.

And if you ask me, “What then should I post on FB? Isn’t it my privilege to post whatever I want to post?”

You’re right about that, my friend. You can post about anything and everything under the sun or beyond.

 But our posts are not just FB posts. They reveal our character.

Hmmm. I think I’ll check my random posts tonight. I want to find out what’s in my heart and mind.

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