Where to Best Invest this Pandemic

Where to Best Invest this Pandemic

Oops! This isn’t really about financial investing, sorry to disappoint you. But then, it’s really important to find out where to best invest this pandemic, don’t you think so?

Though some financial investing will be mentioned later on, there’s a very important aspect that you must also consider when you think about investing. Because you may not be aware of the most important investment of all – YOU.

That’s right. That’s where to best invest this pandemic- in yourself.

Start by practicing self-care.

You have to love yourself more, especially this pandemic. By remembering that you’re your most important investment, you should give more attention to your health (and get vaccinated!), and to what makes you happy, confident and self-fulfilled.

Set goals and standards for yourself.

It’s your life. It’s okay if your definition of success differs from others. As long as you’re not breaking the law, and if you think you’re doing the right thing, then go follow your dreams with only your standards in mind. Exert efforts to make them come true, and define success your own way. You’ll definitely be happier!

Always believe in yourself.

Don’t ever doubt your talents, skills, and capabilities. To be your most important investment, you have to really believe in yourself, on haw far you can go to reach your goals in life. Just keep on trusting yourself even in times of failure and uncertainties. Keep on trying, don’t quit, and soon, all will be well.

Surround yourself with people you like and those who can help you grow.

You don’t have to allow toxic people to meddle in your life. It’s okay to stay away from them. You’re not at all bad if you do so, since you’re only taking care of your mental health. So be in the midst of people (or virtually) who matter to you, those who give you joy, love, kindness, understanding, and peace. Those who know what makes you tick, still love you for what you are, and always got your back.

Have virtual friends as well who can mentor you and help you be the best version of yourself. There are so many things and lessons you have to learn in order for you to grow, mature and succeed in life, and they’ll be the ones to teach you all you need to know. So don’t just stick with people your age. Befriend those who have more experience, trainings, skills, knowledge, and most of all, wisdom.

Keep on upgrading yourself.

The pandemic has introduced you to webinars and Zoom meetings, as well as other platforms that make it possible to continue your studies and work despite the lockdowns. Having online classes or work gives you more reasons to upgrade yourself in terms of say, doing presentations and communication skills.

There are many sites offering free tutorials (YouTube tops the list for many people) and online studies that will help you upgrade to a better you. And that’s one way of reminding yourself on where to best invest this pandemic.

Spend more time doing what you love and discovering something new that will help you monetize your new found skills.

When you prioritize yourself as you ponder about where to best invest this pandemic, you should also think of doing what you really love to do. You only have this one life, so just do it!

Do something also that you’ve never done before. If you haven’t tried living with pets, try adopting one or two this pandemic. Their funny and loving ways can melt your stress and anxiety away! And how about trying to grow your own food? You can try vertical or pot gardening if you’ve got limited space.

By doing simple things at home, like learning how to bake and cook different dishes, you’ll discover new skills and may event earn from them!

Invest in good relationships too.

As you learn to value yourself, learn to value relationships too, Those that are for real and for a lifetime.

Don’t take relationships for granted. They may be with your family, relatives, friends, classmates, colleagues, good neighbors, or your special someone. When you’re away from them, make sure that they feel loved despite the distance.

See mistakes as good learning grounds.

Don’t be too hard on yourself when you make mistakes in life. They most often happen so that you can grow and learn. Many successful people failed many times first before reaching success. So don’t dwell on the embarrassment or on what people think of you when you make mistakes. You’re a work in progress, and those mistakes are part of your journey to success.

Treat yourself big time once in a while.

Work hard while you’re young and healthy and you’ll get your rewards one day soon. The fruits of your labor will be there someday. Just don’t quit.

While you work hard, treat yourself once in a while. You may not be able to travel this pandemic age, but pampering yourself and getting yourself a gift will go a long way as your reward for a job well done.

But how can you really treat yourself big time?

Okay, here’s what you’re waiting for – the financial investments you can consider as reward for your future.

As your greatest investment, you take good care of your one and only self, be it physically, mentally, or spiritually. But invest financially too. Allot funds, if you can, for stocks, or real estate, entrepreneurship, insurance, and so much more!

Avoid procrastinating and conditioning your mind that you still can’t afford to invest in anything.

You can find ways, if you think you can. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money as you begin your journey to investing. In the Philippines alone, you can start for as low as one thousand pesos. So save little by little, until you can buy stocks and keep on adding money to your stock account. That will be of immense help to you when you retire. So don’t withdraw your stocks. Let them grow for years and years!

Make sure that you have funds for emergencies too, so have cash in hand just in case you find yourself in a situation where money is badly needed.

It’s high time you see cash or assets coming in, instead of spending money you consider as reward, as your true gift to yourself.

Of course you can’t help it and it’s okay to do it once in a while – spending money to reward yourself. But use money more wisely now that you discover yourself as the asset where you can best invest this pandemic.

Always think twice or many times before buying things. Think first if you really need those things If not, then don’t buy them. But there are things that you really need to buy. Buy those instead.

Always spend your money more wisely because the pandemic has made you realize how hard it can be when you can’t go out or when you run out of cash during lockdowns.

Finally, what’s next to do when you’re already happy with yourself as your greatest investment?

It’s time to pay back then. Reach out to the needy, even virtually. The greatest happiness comes when you start doing something good not for yourself, but for others.

What’s more, when you help others, you heal yourself. You radiate with peace, joy, compassion, and love. And when you radiate, that’s the best proof that you’re taking care of your most important investment. Yourself.