How to Care for your Dogs in Hard Times

How to Care for your Dogs in Hard Times

Dogs should be treated as family members. And as part of the family, they should not be abandoned during busy days or hard times.

But what if you find ourselves so busy you have no more time for your dogs? Or what if you’re facing such pretty tough times that you tend to forget you have dogs at all? Well, this applies to your other pets too. I’m just focusing on dogs because they are more dependent to humans than cats or other animals.

So back to the question.

How should you care for your dogs or pets  during busy days or in hard times?

Here are some suggestions.

Make sure there are other members of the family or even friends who will take care of them if you’re not always in the house.


Photo credit: Emjei Morante

They must have food to eat and water to drink every day even if you seldom spend time with them. They’re your furbabies! At least you must find time to ensure they’re eating properly and drinking water too so that they won’t be dehydrated.

You have to make sure they’re eating the right foods too. Avoid giving them chocolates, grapes, raisins, nuts, raw meat and fish, as well as leftovers with garlic, onions, mushrooms. sugar, salt or pepper.

They love to eat chicken liver, but avoid giving them so much of it because it can be dangerous to their health too.

Include veggies and fruits in their meals.

Vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, broccoli and sweet potatoes may be added to their meals to keep them healthy (provided they’re cut in small sizes). This is because tough times may mean financially-challenged days when you really have to make both ends meet. Buying dog foods may not be easy when you have other priorities to think of. So it would be best if you train your dogs early to eat veggies and fruits that may provide them with more nutrients. Watermelon, banana, and apple are safe for your pets to eat. Make sure that they are sliced and no fruit seeds are included in their meals.

Talk to them before you leave the house. 

Dogs may not understand every word, but the simple gesture of kindness and love will comfort them.


The few moments you spend talking to them before leaving the house would reassure your pets that you care for them even though you have to leave them for many hours.

Greet them with enthusiasm when you arrive home.

Of course you notice how excited they are every time you get home. You’d feel as if you’re the most loved person in the world with the level of energy and joy they exert when they see you arrive! Greet them with enthusiasm too! You consider them part of your world, right? But you are their world! That’s how special you are to them.

Show your concern to them when they get sick.

If you’re too financially-challenged and can’t bring your dog to the vet immediately, you must see to it that your pet is at least comfortable and is being taken care of by the other members of your family if you’re too busy at work. A lot of pets get well in time, especially when their owners are there to comfort and feed them.


Look for natural means to heal your pets if you can’t bring them to the vet yet. For example, a dog losing hair because of very itchy skin may be healed with a sulphur soap. You just have to carefully bathe them as often as possible and the itchiness will be gone soon.

Putting virgin coconut oil to your pets’ fur would be a big help too to relieve the itchiness, and for your pets to avoid getting wounds due to constant scratching.

But it’s still best to bring your pets to the vet. It’s important that your much loved furbabies be included in your budget plans and allotment.  They’re part of your responsibilities or obligations. They should always feel your love, concern and kindness, even during busy days and tough times.

Remember that your pets are there for you too in hard times.

You may not always notice it, but your pets feel your pain and struggles. They try to comfort you the best way they can through their loyalty, funny ways and love. And guess why you have survived a lot of difficulties in life with flying colors?  Well, one of the reasons for this is the companionship of your furry friends that stick with you through thick and thin, for as long as they live.