Lenten and Easter Reflections: The Way Jesus Defined Love

Lenten and Easter Reflections: The Way Jesus Defined Love

I consider Jesus my best friend.

With that in mind, I can understand better why there’s Lent before the Easter celebration. Well, I don’t know if you can relate to me, but I can’t feel Him that much if I just do some routine, religious stuffs during the season of Lent.

Don’t get me wrong. I have this huge respect for people who visit churches, attend mass, Christian fellowships and Bible studies. What’s more, I admire them for having the willingness to confess to priests and meditate this Lent. I also observe traditional Catholic activities. But aside from all of those, this stubborn heart of mine wants to reflect on my own and think of Jesus in a more personal way.

I see Jesus as someone so kind He’d never abandon me even when I become mean, naughty and cruel.

I think of Jesus as that only friend who’s willing to stay when everybody else has gotten tired of me. Likewise, I imagine Him cheering for me when I accomplish something and have done well in my life. I also imagine Him getting hurt when I turn my back on Him because I prefer obtaining material things in this world than getting to know Him better. And when I cry, I believe He cries too! He feels my pain.

As my best friend, He accepts and loves me just the way I am.

He holds my hand when I’m about to stumble and fall. Also, he comforts me when I’m in deep pain. He embraces me and gives me hope when I’m about to give up.  I also know He protects me from all sorts of harm and danger. He helps me solve my problems and overcome any trial. Put simply, He is there for me. Always.

Yet, the most wonderful thing He did was when He died for me and for all of us.

Who else would be willing to do that? I do believe this best describes the reason for the Lenten season. It is about remembering how God sacrificed himself and offered His life for us.

I remember reading the Bible verses which described how He terribly suffered when He was being flogged. All the movies about Him could not really show how unrecognizable as a human being He had become before He was crucified. He didn’t even have to suffer the way He did. But He wanted to, in order to save us from all our sins. He loved us that much.

I’d like to stop doing all the things I normally do, as I remember His sufferings this Lent, and as I celebrate His resurrection come Easter.  

I’d like to simply think about my best friend. How I want to personally hug and thank Him for giving up His life for me, and for all of us. Words will never be enough to express the gratitude I feel for Him for loving us even though we continue to sin.

With all the pain, scars and insults Jesus willingly took for you and me, what’s a few days of Lent spent thanking Him for dying so we may live?

What’s a few days to remember Him carrying our cross so we may not be burdened?  Why shouldn’t we think of defining the real meaning of love, so we may try to follow and imitate His heart?

As for me, I’ll be giving thanks to Him, this best friend of mine, not just this seasons of Lent and Easter, but for always. I thank Him for making me feel so precious. I thank Him for the gift of life.