Secrets of Happy and Contented People

Secrets of Happy and Contented People

Happy and contented people are actually not secretive about their success in being the way they are. It’s just that we are so busy finding ways to be like them we didn’t notice that they’re very open to their ways to achieve lasting joy and contentment.

So what are the secrets to being happy and contented?

Well, they’re no secrets at all as you find out here:

1.  They use their time wisely.

These people don’t waste any time planning ahead. They work hard to have better lives. It’s not that they always know what to do or don’t make mistakes.  But they stand up when they fall. They learn from their mistakes and try again.  They consider failures as lessons in life.  So they start again without giving up on their goals and dreams.

Also, they know the importance of time and how limited our time on earth is. So they do what they can do while still young and strong.  They also struggle, experience heartaches, rejections, financial crises and disappointments. But those are just part of the process to make them strong, determined and resourceful.  So they save money  and find ways to make their funds grow. For sure, they know where to best invest in life.

2.  They forgive, forget and move on.

These people have met all types of human beings that they’ve learned to handle them pretty well.

They don’t want to carry heavy baggage, especially in their hearts. So they choose to forgive the people who have caused them pain and trouble. They prefer to look forward to better days ahead.

3.  They avoid comparing their lives to that of others.

These people are very much aware that many of us have diversified struggles, personal background and economic status. They know that they just have to focus on their own struggles and problems.  Comparing their lives with others can’t be totally avoided, especially when they see how better and richer other people are. But they stop the comparison as soon as they feel that they’re resorting to self-pity and insecurities.

What they prefer to do is work harder without stepping on others’ toes. They concentrate on making their lives better until they reach their goals.

4.  They reach out to the needy.

These people know that being self-centered will not give them happiness and peace of mind. There’s more to life than that. They know deep in their hearts that helping others will give them the satisfaction and joy that money can’t buy.

Aiming for a better life is not just about working hard for material wealth. These people know this fact thus they make time to help those in need. They are contented in life and much, much happier because of the fact that they get to reach out to less fortunate people, and even to animals.

5.  They share their skills, talents, knowledge to others.

Happy and contented people are the way they are because they also learn how to share. As they aim for better lives, they get to acquire more skills, talents, and learnings. It’s important for them to share these to the next generation because they know that they won’t live forever. Someday, young people will replace them so it’s better that the next generations are taught things that will improve not just personal lives, but the lives of those across the globe.

6.  They think positive and spread positivity.

After all the hardships they went through before becoming successful, they know how positivity has helped them achieve the lives they want.  They wouldn’t be where they are if they haven’t focused on seeing the optimistic view of things and situations.

Now that they’re happy and contented in their lives, they prefer to encourage instead of discourage. They give hope instead of uttering negative words that could break the hearts and even lives of other people. They even see bad situations and moments as part of the process to mold them into better individuals.

7.  They value faith.

They acknowledge that their talents and skills are God-given, as well as the success they’ve achieved. That’s why truly happy people are contented with their lives. They have peace of mind and they respect the belief of others. They also respect those who are non-believers. What matters to them is that they value their personal relationships with the God whom they consider as the reason why they’ve reached their dreams.