Adopt a Pet. Please Don’t Shop.

Adopt a Pet. Please Don’t Shop.

In a world filled with stress, anxiety, bitterness, and all sorts of problems, we always forget that animals may help us make our lives a whole lot brighter and better. 

A pet doesn’t ask for much. Just our kindness, time and love.

Why else should you get a pet?

People who live with animals and treat them like family often don’t acquire worse diseases.

Happi Photo credit: Grace F.

In these times when our health conditions can get worse just by staring at the hospital bills, it is ideal to acquire a pet or pets that will help us prevent stress. As we all know, that stress can trigger disorders or illnesses. Being healthy will allow us to fully enjoy every day of our lives.

A pet makes our lives a lot happier.

In loving memory of Pran. Photo Credit: Grace F.

Have you noticed how people with pets look happier and more contented with their lives? That’s because pets, especially dogs and cats, do many things which really leave their owners belly laughing! Imagine smiling and experiencing their crazy antics for so many years!

Partners in Crime Shadow and Snowie  Photo credit: Grace F.

Animals feel our pain and try to comfort us.

When we’re sad or sick, our dog or our cat will surely stay beside us.

Photo credit: Emjei Morante

They feel that we’re not okay so they’ll try to comfort us by kissing and hugging us. And if we look in their eyes, well, those eyes speak volumes! They show so much love and concern.  We feel a lot better already because of their company and caring ways.

Pets protect us with their lives.

They will risk their lives to protect us. They’re just like that. There are many news about pets saving their human families from snakes and other animals or harmful situations.  For them, we are really worth dying for.

Animals often provide us important lessons in life.

Their loyalty, trust, love, contentment and happiness teach us what really matters in life.

Lassiter   Photo credit: Homer Fernandez

That’s why each pet is special. Each has a different trait and personality that can help transform us to be better human beings. They are our role models on how we can really practice being humane.

It is really a brighter day each day if we have a pet or pets around. But if we’re still planning to get one, the best thing to do is adopt, not shop.

The love of animals cannot be measured by breed.

Kittens thrown in a remote area, saved and adopted by my friend, Wally.  Photo credit: Norodin Pangilan

All of them are loving and friendly, if spared from cruelty and abuse. So instead of looking for animals in a pet shop, let’s go to an animal shelter instead.

Sadly, they don’t live that long. So let’s give them a wonderful life too while they’re still with us.

Jack, and in loving memory of Scottie Photo credit: Grace F.

Animals should be treated like members of our family. Always. They have feelings and they experience pain, insecurity and discomfort too. By providing them with a happy and fruitful life, the love and joy they offer back is really beyond compare.

Each pet is special. And each has a special space in our hearts.

How do we say goodbye to a pet when they’re about to die? Most of us would say losing them hurts so much it seems unbearable!

Yes, it is. Especially if a pet is really treated like family or a best friend. But please don’t stop adopting once a pet has died. We should keep in mind that we’re saving another animal from a miserable life if we adopt once again. We’re saving ourselves too from the misery of losing a much loved pet. Adopting another one means another chapter in our lives that’s filled with laughter and wonderful memories.