DOST Examinees on October 20, 2019, You’d Better Read This!

DOST Examinees on October 20, 2019, You’d Better Read This!

Hi there! Do you belong to the examinees for the forthcoming scholarship test of the Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) on October  20th? If you are, I’m sure you’re pretty excited and at the same time nervous because you only have a few weeks to prepare for it.

Well, I am also excited for you! And I would like to help you in my own little way, for you to be able to get yourself ready for the exam. Here are some reminders for you:

Practice taking online, timed tests.

Practicing timed tests online should actually be done a month or weeks before the exam. But if you only have a week, don’t stress yourself too much. Just take online, timed tests  five or four days before the exam. The two or three days before the exam should be rest days already.

You may also check the website of DOST-SEI or its FB page for more information, tips or reviewers.

Prepare your bag for the DOST exam.

The day or night before the exam, make sure your test permit is already inside your bag, as well as your pencil. You should also put inside it the food you are going to eat while taking the exam. The food and drinks you should put there must be compatible with your stomach, well, if you know what I mean.  Don’t buy those which will make your stomach ache while taking the exam. Aside from this, avoid bringing foods that can be quite messy and will distract you from focusing on your exam.

Yes, you’d better eat while taking your exam because you won’t be okay if your stomach is empty. You will not be able to concentrate.

Familiarize yourself with your test center or venue.

As examinees, you should visit your test center (as indicated on your test permit)  days before the exam. This way, you’ll know how many minutes or hours it will take before you can get there.  If in case  the venue is near your place or you’re already familiar with its location, then just ask the guard if you can still see the testing room in advance. This is most especially useful when there are so many buildings, floors, and rooms in the university or school that happens to be the venue of the exam.

Be at the test center or venue 30 minutes or an hour before the exam.

Being early at the venue on the day of the exam will help you calm your nerves. You will also have the chance to eat breakfast first or go to the the wash room before taking the exam.  Being caught in the traffic (even on Sundays) will bring you stress so make sure to have plenty of rest and sleep before the day of the exam.

Bring things you might need even before the exam.

Bring your umbrella or some medicines. Include those in your bag the day before the exam. They are very important just in case it rains or in case you find yourself having a headache or a slight fever (God forbid). Also bring with you some tissues or extra bottle of water. They are useful even if you’re not taking the exam.

Just take it easy on the day before the exam.

Ms. Deah Delmundo, a top graduate and a DOST scholar-graduate has this to say for the DOST examinees:

“Do not review! The DOST exam is not a test of knowledge, but a test of grit and skills. I myself can’t believe that I have passed the exam. Just make sure that you take the exam with enough sleep and a clear mind. That’s it.”

Have a positive mindset.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the power of positivity. It works in so many ways. So before taking the exam, think of positive things about you first. Think that you can be a DOST scholar and that you can take the course you want to take when you graduate from high school. Also keep in mind that you can pass the exam. Well, that is if you prepare yourself physically and mentally for it.