Traits of Dogs that Make Them Men’s Best Friends

Traits of Dogs that Make Them Men’s Best Friends

Dogs are definitely men’s best friends.

With their awesome and varied characteristics, dogs can easily find their way into our hearts. They make this world a better place to live in.

Aside from this, there are lessons we can learn from dogs, as well as attitude we can adopt in our lives.

Loyal and loving

Of course dogs won’t be called men’s best friends if they’re not loyal. We are the center of their attention. For certain, we mean the world to them.

They are so loving too! Imagine going home tired and haggard. But our dogs greet us as if they haven’t seen us for so many years. They’re always ecstatic to see us and love us to the core no matter what we look like, or even if we smell awful!


There are times when we get impatient with our dogs and we hurt them physically or by being indifferent to them. We can be cruel to them though they’re not at fault. Yet they easily forget the pain we cause them. They forgive us for our shortcomings and don’t hold grudges. And they still greet us joyfully every time we go home.


Even the gentlest dogs can become aggressive when they feel the need to protect us. There are many cases where they fight with snakes or other animals which intend to harm us, their owners. They are willing to sacrifice their lives for us!

Playful and fun-loving

Dogs love to play and have fun. Their sense of humor never fails to take our stress away. They often behave comically which give us reasons to laugh our hearts out! Their energy helps us get that much-needed motivation after all the trials we encounter at work or in school each day.

Appreciative and grateful

Dogs just love every moment we’re with them. They worry not about tomorrow. How they live each day to the fullest and with so much gusto! They appreciate the food, shelter, toys and the love we give them. And they’re not at all afraid to show their appreciation. For sure they’ll reciprocate the best way they can.

Emphatic and sympathetic

Dogs can feel what we’re going through. That’s why they snuggle to us or kiss us when they see us looking forlorn. By that gesture, they’d like to tell us they understand and that they’re just beside us whatever happens.

The loving and adorable dogs around us will be the constant reminders of all nice things and values in life. They will never fail to bring out what’s good, what’s funny, and what’s great within us.