10 Ways to Beat Stress

10 Ways to Beat Stress

You can’t hide from it. It follows you at school, at work and even at home. Stress is just everywhere!

But hey, take heart! You can beat stress. And the good news is that there are ways to do it without incurring so much expenses. Are you excited to know how? Try these:

 1.  Keep everything clean, especially your bedroom.

Oh, yes, start avoiding stress by cleaning.

If you think cleaning is a stressful thing, you’re very much mistaken. Actually, keeping every part of your house, work area, and even your bag, spotless and orderly will help you relax. And as you clean, be creative. Reorganize things if you no longer appreciate the usual arrangement of your furniture. You may also place some fresh flowers or plants in your rooms and instantly feel their calming effect.

 2.  Avoid focusing on social media.

If you think being active on social networking sites can make you beat stress, you can never be more wrong! In fact, surveys and studies show that many people who spend many hours using the said sites are lonely, anxious and depressed. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not bad to be active on social media as long as you still spend time talking and being with real people – your special someone, your family, relatives, colleagues, friends, classmates, to name a few.

 3.  Bond with loved ones.

Go out with them, cook with them, watch movies with them, laugh and cry with them. Bonding need not be expensive, especially if you want to unwind by travelling with them. There are a lot of airline and travel agency promos you can avail of! And don’t forget to save some funds to prepare for your trips. This is very important because travelling without saving money weeks or months before the trips will bring you stress, especially if you need to borrow money for your travels. That’s a taboo!

 4.  Have pets.

Don’t you know that pets are stress-relievers? They can bring so much fun and laughter in your homes. The happiest and more relaxed people in the whole world actually have pets, particularly dogs. And the best way to get a pet is by adopting in shelters, not buying in pet shops.

 5.  Do your tasks in advance if you can.

If you’re a student, do your projects and assignments, and study your lessons ahead of time. Likewise, if you’re an employee, do not procrastinate. If you can do your tasks in the office before the deadlines, then do them.

Forget about your office work the moment you leave the office. Focus on your family at home. Spend quality time with them.

 6.  Exercise.

Include it in your schedule for daily routine because it can definitely help you avoid stress. It’s not only good for your health, it’s also good for your physical appearance.

Don’t you know that majority of young-looking individuals do exercise?  Try brisk walking for at least 30 minutes when you go to school or work, if you really have a tight schedule.  Well, you have to wake up early to do that. Make some effort if you want to look and feel good.

 7.  Eat the right foods.

Give priority to vegetables and fruits, and drink lots of water.  Avoid too much sweets and red meat. Eating these can make you terribly sick. Aside from this, when you just want to eat red meat every day, you can easily get angry or bad-tempered. As a consequence, you’re stressed, and what’s worse than that? The people around you get stressed too because of your hotheadedness!

 8.  Listen to relaxing music.

Allot time to listen to this, even if you’re a fan of rock or heavy metal. Instrumental, inspirational, Celtic, Broadway or West End music are just a few types of sounds which can help you loosen up.

 9.  Spend time doing your passion.

Sing, dance, write poems or stories, paint, cook, and so much more. Show the world your skills and talents. Because when you do all these, you forget that stress exists!

 10.  Stop criticizing and stay positive.

You’ll feel more relaxed and contented if you always notice what’s good in persons or things. On the other hand, you’ll unconsciously feel bad if all you do is notice the ugly or displeasing sides of persons or things.  You’ll just want to criticize more because you’re dissatisfied with everything. You’d better get rid of that attitude if you want to de-stress and be happy.