Funny Moments with My Mother (A Mothers’ Day Special Blog)

Funny Moments with My Mother (A Mothers’ Day Special Blog)

A special day this month of May is fast approaching, and many of us are busy thinking how we can make it really extraordinary for Mother.

Mother’s Day is celebrated once a year, yet we all know that mothers deserve to be thanked for every day of our lives, for all the sacrifices and efforts they exerted raising us up and guiding us–up to this very day.

As for me, I already made an advanced celebration for my mother last Sunday, and provided her with the foods she was craving for. We had quite a feast that day we went out. It was an addition to the many memories we share together.

And we had pretty funny memories too, such as these:

Mother and I were inside a bus. We still had a long way to go before we could reach the place where my grandparents lived. I was eating potato chips and I was offering her all my other foods, but to no avail. She was ignoring me and had this faraway look in her eyes. I was really wondering what was wrong with her. I decided to just look outside my window and enjoy the sceneries.

After sometime, we had a stopover and Mother realized that my grandfather had a relative living in the area.

We immediately looked for the house of this relative. Mother saw one which looked familiar to her, so we knocked on the door. Without even making introductions, she immediately asked where the comfort room in the house was. The woman who opened the door was stupefied with us, I thought, so she just told her where it was, without asking who on earth were we.

My mother ran to it and slammed the door hurriedly.

After a few minutes, she returned to us and finally introduced herself and me to the owner of the house. It was only when she did that that I realized I was also bewildered by what had transpired. The owner and I just stood where we were when my mother ran to the comfort room. Without even saying a word to each other, the woman and yours truly just continued to stare at the door of the comfort room until my mother went out of it. Strange things could really happen when a person had an upset stomach!

There was also this incident when Mother and I bought a lot of food in the market.

We waited for a jeepney to pass by so we could go home already. Well, there were plenty of them but all were full of passengers. Finally, when one stopped in front of us, my mother immediately went inside and the driver took off in a hurry. So I found myself standing alone, staring at the jeep that was already travelling far from me.

I just shrugged and decided to wait for another jeep to stop in front of me. Luckily, this one had a lot of vacant seats and I was able to sit comfortably.

But to my big surprise, when I looked at the other passengers, I almost fainted!

I saw that one of them was my mother! Goodness! How could that be? I saw her ride the first jeep to arrive.  Then I realized that she immediately left the jeep she rode when she found out I wasn’t there. She went back to where I was, and ran with all her might to be in the jeep that I rode.

I was shocked and couldn’t help but laugh at Mother!  I was amazed by her almost superwoman powers to run that fast and to find out what jeep I rode. She was also laughing when she realized what she did. But I even got more shocked when the girl in front of me gave me dirty looks.  She held her boyfriend and moved closer to him. She thought I was being friendly or was flirting with her boyfriend! The truth was I couldn’t help but smile as I thought about my mother’s adventure! I wasn’t even aware that I got to look at them, busy as I was imagining the actions of my mother.

I later learned from her that the driver made a sudden stop when she yelled to tell him she was alighting from the jeep. Then almost all the people who were on her way  gave her a big space to run because of her desperate look. I no longer asked how she found out which jeep I rode. I just knew that a mother with determination like hers could run like the Flash!

Life is really filled with funny moments. And those moments are extra special when mothers are included in the scenes.

I had many of those running in my head to last me a happy lifetime. And this Mothers’ Day, I prefer to celebrate it remembering those scenes that filled me, and everyone who knew these stories, with so much laughter.

Mothers are really, really special creations of God. They make us laugh, they make us cry (in a positive way), and they make us feel loved. They deserve all the praise, support and love we can give them back not only on Mothers’ Day, but on all the days of their lives.

Shout-out to all mothers out there who’ll dare to move mountains just to protect us from all troubles, heartaches and difficulties. Hats off to them for all their caring and thoughtful ways, and for loving us despite all our shortcomings.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all mothers out there!