Mother. Mom. Mama. There’s no one quite like her. She would move heaven and earth just to provide for all our needs. She would take our pain and sufferings if she could.

She’s no longer that strong. She used to walk very fast and could multitask. She forgets things easily now.

She never lost her patience with us when we were young, though we could be so naughty and restless. She stayed awake at night for many hours and years just to make sure we were comfortable as we slept. She never got tired of explaining to us when we asked about everything. She was eager to starve just so we could have food to eat. She faced many difficulties, insults and discrimination just so we could have a better future. She would die for us.

Things have changed now. Time robbed her of her strength and quick mind.

Let’s not get impatient when she could not walk that fast anymore.

Let’s not get angry when we have to repeat our words because she couldn’t hear us well.

Let’s not be irritated when she drops things because her hands are not that steady the way they used to be.

Let’s not shout at her when she seems slow to understand.

Let’s not give her the cold shoulder when she now behaves like a child.

Let’s take care of her when she gets sick and if she needs us by her side.

Let’s hold her hand when she needs assistance.

Let’s give her our time and our love now that she’s getting old.

Mother. Mom. Mama.

She’s an angel on earth.

Let’s thank God for her.



Happy Mothers’ Day to all mothers out there!