How to Cope with Grief When You Lose Someone You Love

How to Cope with Grief When You Lose Someone You Love

You have this deep and sharp pain that never seems to go away. It is caused by losing a family member, a pet or someone you love.  Loneliness, hopelessness and regrets seem to envelop you forever. But you know in your heart that you have to move forward and learn to cope with grief.  The question is how?

This blog is dedicated to all those who have experienced grief like no other. If you have just lost someone very close to your heart, we at Conektome would like to help you cope with your grief and pain through these tips:

Feel your pain. It’s the first phase to go through to cope with grief.

Don’t ever think that you have to pretend that you have already overcome your sorrows and pain. Those who care for you will understand that you have to feel your pain first and that it may take some time. Recognizing the reason for your grief will eventually lead to acceptance and recovery.

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Spend time with people who sympathize with you.

Surround yourself with people who know how to sympathize and empathize with you. They have shoulders to cry on, they know when to just listen or give advice. But don’t hate the ones who tell you to move on as soon as possible. It could be that they also care for you but just don’t know how to handle friends who are going through painful situations. Just steer clear of these people if their words appear harsh and cold to you at the moment.

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Keep the things your loved one cherish the most.

For sure it will move you to tears as you go through the personal belongings of the person you lost, particularly if the reason of the loss is death.

Rest assured that it’s really okay to shed tears.

When you’re ready to see his or her things, keep the ones he or she loved the most as a remembrance.

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Travel. It is one of the most effective ways to help you cope with grief.

Travelling can change your perspectives in life as you see different cultures and meet people from all walks of life. It will definittely help you in your healing process.

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Conduct outreach.

There’s something so precious about conducting outreach for people who are suffering when you, as the organizer, are also suffering from your loss. Knowing that you have become a source of joy and hope to people in pain will give you fulfillment and happiness. Talking about your loss with these people will take a load off your shoulder and provide you healing.

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Take care of your health.

It may be hard to do, but you have to take good care of yourself.  Even if you cry for days, weeks, or months, or even if you isolate yourself or stare into space for many hours in a day, you know that you do have to take care of yourself. Just think of the one you lost, of how he or she would feel if you don’t take care of yourself and stay healthy. If it’s still hard to do, then just take a walk each day. Walking is beneficial to your health.

You wake up to a brand new day. It means you have a purpose, and there are many people out there who love you. So love yourself too, take care of your health. It’s one way of moving forward, as well as looking forward to happier days ahead.

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Stop blaming yourself.

The death of a loved one may make you blame yourself for the things you weren’t able to do when that person was still alive. Regrets will only make you suffer mentally and physically. So stop blaming yourself. Focus more on the happy times with the one you lost. Think of how happy that person was when he or she was still with you. Cherish those moments more. Let them occupy your mind and heart.

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Move forward, keep the faith, and make the one you lost your inspiration.

You have your own timeline. Take time to heal and have all the space you need to recover from your grief.  Keep your faith to help you move forward to happier days, as you make the one you lost your inspiration.

Still do the things you love to do with the one you lost. Still reach for your dreams and your goals in life. Still love yourself and the ones around you. It may take a while, but no worries. That’s your life and you will heal in time.

And in time you will find joy, love, peace and hope in your life. In time, you will choose to shine again.

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