Prevent Yourself from Getting Sick, especially from Catching Coronavirus Disease

Prevent Yourself from Getting Sick, especially from Catching Coronavirus Disease

Getting sick isn’t simple or cool at all. From not being able to go to school or work, to spending money for laboratory tests, consultation with the doctor, buying medicines and other things you need to get well, to being confined in a hospital. And nowadays, people are worrying about the outbreak of coronavirus disease or the 2019-nCoV. But then, instead of worrying, why don’t you try some preventive or precautionary measures? These will give you peace of mind and will save you lots of money.

So how do you prevent yourself from getting sick, especially from catching the 2019-nCoV?

Here are some tips.

Keep your hands clean.

Having clean hands will save you from getting sick.

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Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, especially if you know that your hands are really dirty. However, you may use a hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol sanitizer during circumstances when you can’t wash with water.

For sure you often use your hands to touch your eyes, face and other parts of your body without thinking if they’re clean or not. Now that the coronavirus may become pandemic, you should be more careful not to touch body parts without cleaning your hands first.

Stay away from public places or avoid going to places where the virus has spread.

Stay alert and be updated with the news. This way, you will know where the virus has originated and has spread. But avoid panicking and follow reliable sources of news. Reading fake news may get you intro trouble and wrong information may cause a lot of harm.

Just in case you’re the one with cough, fever or flu, you’d better stay at home and rest until you’re well enough to go to school or work. Use face mask if you have to be in public places and are exposed to pollen, germs and dust. Likewise, use face mask if you’re riding a public transportation and there may be people who are blowing their nose and not using a tissue or handkerchief, or coughing and sneezing without covering their mouths.

Take care of your health.

Getting sick can be avoided if you eat the right foods, exercise, practice proper hygiene, stay hydrated, and prevent yourself from stress, overthinking, and worrying. Aviva Sinay
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Avoid eating processed foods, sweets and drinks with too much sugar. Refrain from consuming raw foods, especially meat, as well. Just stop eating and drinking what’s not good for your health, and follow your doctor’s advice.

Make sure to keep most frequently touched objects clean.

Disinfect as often as you can. Door knobs, telephones, tables, and keys are some of the things you must always clean.

Have your medical checkup.

A lot of people are too lazy to have their medical checkup, but you have to do it, especially these days when a vaccine is yet to be developed to fight the novel coronavirus disease.

There are two ways to have your health condition checked. Go visit a western doctor, or you may also try visiting a traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor. Both will be able to help you with your health condition. It’s better to know this early what’s wrong with your body, aside from having cough, fever or flu.

After all, prevention is really better than cure.