How to Deal with Loneliness

How to Deal with Loneliness

We all have those moments. Those days when we feel anxious, worried, stressed, hopeless, and lonely, to the point that we may think we’re on the verge of depression.

Loneliness doesn’t choose any age group. It just happens to everyone.

If you’re going through some tough and lonely times,  try these things to help you deal with it and overcome it.

Find out why you’re feeling sad.

What is it that makes you feel so lonely? Find out its culprit. Realizing what it is is your first step in dealing with your problem. Then do something to resolve the problem.

Talk to a most-trusted friend.

A true friend helps a lot during these times. Your friend may be able to find solutions to what you’re going through. Having a shoulder to lean on in times like this will definitely take a lot of load off your chest.

Get out and appreciate Nature.

If you’re always surrounded by many people, maybe it’s about time you take a walk and commune with Nature.

Mother Nature has her own healing powers that can chase your blues away.

Check what’s on your diet.

Don’t you know that the foods you eat can greatly affect your mood? Try including banana, apple, orange, mango, salmon, avocado, dark chocolate, spinach, mushrooms, green tea and beans in the list of foods and drinks you prefer to have. Also include honey, coffee and walnuts in it and feel your mood getting more lighter and happier!

Be more appreciative.

It’s not easy but you can always try to see what’s positive rather than negative in every person or thing, and that include yourself! Practice doing it every day until such time you find yourself always searching for goodness in others and in yourself. And realize how good that makes you feel!

Adopt a pet.

Pets are stress-relievers. Dogs, particularly, will help you become happy just by being their cute and funny selves. And don’t shop. Adopt. Those in the shelters need your help as much as you need a pet-companion to chase your blues away. But then, be sure that you don’t only do this to alleviate your loneliness. Do it also to help the animal and adopt only if you’re ready to accept the responsibilities of owning a pet.

Love yourself.

Of course it’s true that you can’t give love away if you don’t love yourself first. So you must love yourself, flaws included. Remind yourself that you’re unique and special.

Stop the comparison.

One of the things that trigger your loneliness is your tendency to compare yourself with others. Stop thinking that others have lovelife and you don’t. Refrain yourself from thinking a lot of people are more successful than you. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start believing that you can reach your goals and dreams in life. Believe too that you have a different timeline, that you will be able to accomplish what you want to accomplish based on your own timeline.

Reach out.

There are so many people, young and old, who need help. Try participating in outreach projects or community services. Maybe you’ll realize then that helping others will be of immense help to your well-being too!

Have a personal relationship with God.

Maybe, just maybe, you find something lacking in that life of yours. It may be that you’ve already tried all things that may make you happy, but you’re still yearning for something more. Well, why not try to discover God? If you’re the kind who easily gets turned off by religious people whose ways all the more keep you far from God, then don’t join community groups. The best thing to do is to have a personal relationship with Him. Search about Him and realize you’re searching and finding happiness too.