Simple Ways to Help Save Mother Earth

Simple Ways to Help Save Mother Earth

Mother Earth is dying.

The Amazon rainforest is burning, more animals are getting extinct, and event the Arctic’s on fire! There are so many things happening right now which should serve as our wake up call. Because we are all in danger if we don’t do something to save our earth.

But whatever parts of the world we may be, and even if we can’t help big time, there are simple ways we can still do to help. Here are some of them:

Plant trees.

There are organizations that are active on doing activities for the environment. Join them. Or just plant trees where it is allowed.

Trees are really important to us. They help clean the air we breathe! They also lessen the risk of natural disasters and calamities. Without them, there will be too much flooding. Different animals, species and plants will also suffer because trees serve as their shelter.

We also need trees now that we truly feel the impact of climate change. A lot of people have developed skin problems and there are those who died due to too much heat.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Shop wisely. Avoid buying products in plastic bottles or cans. Or if you can’t avoid it, then be creative and reuse bottles and cans to prevent them from being waste products that are just being thrown everywhere.

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Don’t throw stuffed toys if they’re no longer of use to you. The best thing to do instead is to donate them, as well as your other things such as clothes, bags, shoes and other materials which are still in good quality.

Use both sides of paper. Or better yet, become paperless if you can help it. This is because of the devastating environmental impact of deforestation to produce paper.

Conserve water.

Refrain from bathing too long. Reuse water to clean things at home, or in the office.

Aside from this, we should also avoid putting chemicals on our waterways.

Choose sustainable products.

Preferring to use sustainable products will be of huge help to Mother Earth. By doing this, we are ensured that the products we buy are protected for their whole life cycle, from getting the raw products up to their disposal.

Be kind to animals. Just eat more veggies and fruits.

Millions of animals are being killed every day to be eaten by humans all over the globe. And in so many parts of our world, they are brutally killed just so we can have food to eat. Aside from this, many animals are getting endangered because a lot of people do them harm and cruelty. It’s a sad reality that we need to address if want animals to still inhabit the earth. They have all the rights to enjoy living in this world too, if only we humans will allow them to live peacefully.


Photo credit: kopp
Photo credit: kopp

Don’t support animal circuses and other institutions which use animals for entertainment. Behind the scenes are the sad reality that the animals are mistreated.

Being kind to animals, and by just eating more vegetables and fruits, will be beneficial to us too. We will be less grumpy or hotheaded, and we will also age slowly. It’s the secret of many young-looking people. They feast on veggies and fruits. So why not try this too?!


Educate your children, and all other people who are not careful on how they dispose their waste materials. Be a role model. Use tumbler instead of plastic water bottles. Segregate your trash and dispose them properly.

Use eco friendly products or bags instead of using plastics. Those plastics are killing marine animals! Even birds mistake plastics for their food. It’s high time we take our responsibilities to Mother Earth seriously.

Walk more. Drive less.

Walking makes you healthy. Do it often and drive less. The air pollution is making us all sick! It causes so much trouble for our respiratory system and our health in general. You may use bicycles instead of cars.

Volunteer and participate.

Social media may not be healthy for all of us, but we can use them to spread awareness. We can ask for help on how we can resolve environmental problems, and to save the lives of different species that are suffering because of our negligence and indifference to their welfare.

Aside from social media, we can also go out there to educate people on how we should dispose our wastes properly. We can also participate in coastal cleanup and other activities aimed to help our environment.

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Contribute on saving the planet by starting at your home.

Use energy efficient bulbs. Use solar panels. Recycle and reuse things, including water. Don’t take a long bath. Lessen and don’t burn waste materials.

Compost food left overs. Fill your backyard with vegetables and trees. Choose products that are environment-friendly and less-packaged. Buy from local farmers, especially those who don’t use chemicals on their own products.

Unplug appliances when not in use. Switch off the lights if they’re not needed. Refrain from opening the fridge often. Dry your hair naturally instead of using blow dryers. And so much more! There are so much you can do at home to help save the environment!

But this one must be the hardest in our present time.

Avoid buying too many gadgets to save electricity.

Mother Earth is dying.

We have a big responsibility to protect our environment. Not all of us can help in big ways of course. But we can all support the cause in our own little ways. We must help save it before it’s too late.  This is the only planet we have. And we have to take care of every living thing in it.

Act now and make a difference.