How to Mend Your Broken Heart

Have you felt your heart so broken that you find it hard to move forward in life?
It must be when you’ve parted ways with the person who meant the world to you. Or maybe you’ve just lost a family member, a relative or a friend whose influence in your life was beyond compare. Or you must have lost a much loved pet that you considered your best friend.
Losing a person or a pet you loved with all your heart seems so unbearable. No words can ever express the depth of anguish you must be feeling when this happens. It’s definitely one of the darkest moments you hate to experience in your lifetime.
But you can overcome the misery and depression. Here are simple ways to do it:

First, find a moment to be alone.

Cry your heart out. Do this as long as you feel like crying. Other people don’t want to be alone in times like this, but having the time just for yourself and crying with all your heart will, in time, help you get out from the pit of loneliness you have fallen into.

Second, talk to the persons who empathize with you and who definitely understand what you’re going through.

They can provide you with shoulders you can cry on. These people who can give you all the time you need to just talk and talk about the matter will help you recover from the pain. So choose those who decide to give you their time and sympathy. They’re the ones who know when to just listen and stay beside you without even saying a word.  They’ll only give you advice the moment you ask for it. This is because you can only recover when you’ve been given ample time to talk and get the matter off your chest.

Third, take time to heal.

Stay away from people who discourage you from crying and talking about what’s hurting you. People who tell you that you need to be tough and strong at once, and get on with life immediately, are not feeling your pain. They don’t commiserate with you. Not that they’re telling you the wrong things, it’s just that they’re not helping you to fully recover. Also, don’t compare yourself with others who seem to recover from their loss easily. They’re only concealing their pain and depression by getting busy or by not talking about the matter. Time truly heals all wounds, but it takes months or years to really heal. In due course, you’ll overcome your loss if you accept the fact that it’s not that easy to move on, and that you must have all the time you need to do so.

Fourth, learn to move forward and love yourself again.

There are moments when you can’t help but blame yourself from your loss.  You’d think that you didn’t give your best when you still had the chance to do so. But when you’re done crying and talking about your painful experience, when you feel that it’s no longer hurting you that much, then that’s the time to move forward and love yourself again. The fact that you’re still alive should help you realize that you’re still meant to do valuable things on earth. It should motivate you to think that eventually, you’ll meet the persons who’ll help you realize you can be whole again. Thus, this is the right time to unwind and go out with people who care for you. This is the day to pamper and treat yourself. This is your moment to allow happiness to enter your life again.

Fifth, help others. It will help heal your broken heart.

There are a lot of people out there who are in need of compassion and support. They may not have the same kind of loss you experienced, but they may be suffering from illness and tragedy which make their lives difficult. Help them the best way you can. Lending a hand to those in need surely has its comforting effect not only to the recipients, but also to the givers as well. You’ll learn that you can truly move on from your painful experience when you no longer resort to self-pity and begin to understand the difficulties of others.

You’ll find your broken heart fully mended when you try to give hope, happiness and empathy to the people who need them the most.

When you finally do that, you’ll realize that you’re no longer brokenhearted. You’re whole again.