My Funny Friend and his Stones

Sometimes, the most memorable relationships don’t always consist of sweet words, caring actions, helping hands and heartfelt commiseration. Sometimes, they just consist of each bully creature we call friend.

And this friend of mine is really unforgettable. He is very resourceful in finding ways to make my days very extraordinary indeed.

I remember riding the train smelling like a man because he sprayed his cologne all over me. I also remember carrying a pretty heavy bag one fine night. Well, it was simply because he decided to put two, thick books of directory in it. Those were just few of the many things he painstakingly prepared to annoy me.

Just what would you do if you have a friend like that?

If my guess is correct, I’m sure that like me, you’d like to turn the tables on him. Oh well, I did just that and more! I conspired with some of my very supportive buddies. So we planned something that would make the day of this friend of mine a very funny and “stony” experience.

It all started with him asking us what shirt to wear on his date.

He was so excited to look good and to impress his girlfriend. Because of that, he didn’t notice the unusual silence and the exchange of smiles and hurried whispers of the people around him. And so while he went to an inner room to change his shirt, he didn’t notice the carefully wrapped stones we put in his bag. He also didn’t notice that behind the very supportive words we tell him for his date, we were so excited to know what his reaction would be the moment he found out what we did.

And so my friend met his girlfriend at a famous theme park. While walking with her and telling her some mushy things, he felt uncomfortable because his bag seemed too heavy.

He removed it on his shoulder many times, and tried carrying it in different ways. Still it felt heavy. So when he was already eating with his girlfriend, he decided to open his bag. His eyes widened when he discovered what made it so heavy. He found a beautifully-wrapped box. He was happy and excited at first to open it because it seemed to be a very special gift, judging from its nice cover.
But when he finally opened it and saw what was inside, he was speechless to the core. He was expecting his girlfriend to sympathize with him.

Imagine how shocked he was when she laughed out loud for about ten years.

She didn’t show any sympathy for him at all. And because they were in a park and there were lots of people and guards roaming around, he decided that he’d just bring the stones and place them in the trash can at home.
When my friend reached his house, he stared at the stones and laughed. He told them, “Finally, I’ll be able to get rid of you all… finally! Haha!”
While he was carrying the stones, he thought of telling his mother all that had happened. He surmised that she, of all people of course, would sympathize with him. He’d find an ally in her at last.
But when his mother saw him with the stones, she was exasperated and told him this (thinking that the stones belonged to his sister who was taking the course Geology):
“Will you stop meddling with your sister’s stones!”

I still find myself belly laughing when I think about this friend of mine and the funny things we did to each other.


Friendship is definitely one of the perks of having a beautiful, funny and sometimes “stony” life.