Ladies, When to Know if He’s the One

Ladies, When to Know if He’s the One

Most ladies encounter this dilemma of choosing among their suitors the ones to become their boyfriends, or if their current boyfriends should already be their husbands. It’s one of the most difficult decisions ladies have to make when they already want to make this serious commitment that will greatly affect their personal lives.

If you’re one of those ladies who are in a brink of making this decision, maybe these signs on your attitude towards him can help you choose the one:

1. You prefer his company than the rest of the men who pursued you or proposed to you.

You don’t have even a single doubt about your feelings.  You recognize his flaws yet there’s no one else you’d like to spend your days, months, or years with than him. And it’s more than the physical thing. You love having him beside you and talking to him about everything under the sun. Likewise,  you’re also comfortable being with him in silence.

2. You become your best you when you’re with him.

He has that unique something in him that makes you want to give your best in everything you do. You also try to improve yourself for him, knowing that you’re also improving for your own self. He simply brings out the best in you.

3. You learn to appreciate and respect his habits, hobbies and interests.

You eventually get interested in those things too, because, well, you love him. You celebrate your individuality, yet somehow, you’re beginning to like what he likes too, the same way that you’re beginning to dislike the things he dislikes. You’re sort of becoming one.

4. You always think of his welfare.

You are concerned about his health, safety and his happiness. You’re no longer that focused on yourself. There’s this other person now whose wellbeing you wish to cherish and protect.

5. You’ve learned to keep your relationship private.

You no longer tell your friends about your fights and problems with him. You now know how to handle your misunderstandings with just the two of you working it out. You’ve also learned to protect his reputation and are always ready to defend him. Also, you’re no longer posting every detail of your love life on social media (Well, once in a while is okay). You now know that the happiest and most satisfied couples don’t need social media platforms to keep the relationship intact and lasting. You prefer to keep your best memories just between you and him.

6. You appreciate more and criticize less.

You’re aware that nobody’s perfect, including yourself. So you focus more on everything positive about him. And what’s more, you tell him so. You’ve become very appreciative of all the nice things he does for you too.

Well, you don’t really have superhuman strengths and powers to really, really know who should be the one for you. You just know it’s him because you dare to spend the rest of your life with him. You’re willing to take the risk simply because you prefer to be with this someone you love, flaws and all, than any other person on earth.