3 Movies that Can Change our Lives

3 Movies that Can Change our Lives

Once in a while, we need to reward ourselves for all our hard work. We can pamper ourselves, have an out-of-town or overseas trip, or just relax and see a movie or movies.

What type of movies do we like to watch? We have quite a wide range of choices–from science fiction, epic, myth, fantasy, adventure, horror, to action, comedy, drama, romance or musical, Whatever our preferences may be, it is an obvious fact that most of us love to enter the world of make-believe for a few hours, forget about our problems, and immerse ourselves in the stories unfolding before our eyes.

But there are films that touch us to the core, the ones which leave us contemplating, changing our perspectives and helping us decide on life.

These three films are gifts to us. We will cherish the messages they bring, long after we have finished watching them.

3 Idiots

This Bollywood film will make us laugh and cry and think. It can even transform us and help us handle the challenges we encounter. We will see our own characters, and some people we know, in this movie. It will open our eyes about the education system we have, and make us search our hearts to find what we really want to be. Then it will encourage us to pursue our dreams.

3 Idiots will envelop us with love and true friendship. It will give us wonderful insights on things we can apply to our lives. This movie will persuade us to trust ourselves, face our fears, and believe in our talents; and since we are unsure of what lies ahead, it will convince us to just stay positive and think that “all is well.”

Gifted Hands

After watching this film, we were filled with hope and gratitude.

This is a touching true story of a boy who lived a modest life with his older brother and single mother. He experienced discrimination and went through many hurdles and hardships. His mother helped him go through it all with her positive outlook in life, even though she was also having problems of her own. Her courage and unswerving belief in her sons helped them to strive hard to reach their goals.

This movie will help you realize that by trying to change for the better (Ben Carson worked hard to control his temper and deepen his faith), you can change not only your life, but others as well. It is so enlightening. You will feel blessed and gratefull after watching it, knowing that poverty and race are no hindrance at all for you to become a somebody… or someone like Ben Carson who was able to make a difference and touch many people’s lives.

Every Child is Special

This another Bollywood film deserves a lot of credit. It is for the whole family, especially for the parents who need to understand what their child is going through.

Children need understanding, guidance and the assurance that they are accepted, especially by their families. They need to feel that they are loved and appreciated so that they will be able to bring out the best in them, to be happy, to enjoy their lives and to celebrate their uniqueness.

This movie pays tribute to children all over the world.

It will open our minds to their world, where positivity, love, support and kindness from adults play such a huge role in helping them realize and explore the talents they are not aware they have. At the end of this movie, you will understand why “you find your purpose where you find your happiness.”

We did not tell you the plots of all these films because we want you to discover that for yourselves.  So take a few hours’ rest now and get ready to be inspired.  Just relax… and see these movies.