Lose Weight Slowly but Surely

Lose Weight Slowly but Surely

We all want to lose weight, become fit and have fit and attractive bodies.

Well, exercise seems to be always included in our new year’s resolution, but for some reasons, we just couldn’t find the time to really, really start doing workouts. However, if we now find extra inches around our waists, that’s pretty alarming! We should really start including “getting fit” in our daily schedules.

On the other hand, we should practice disciplining ourselves to include DIET in our vocabulary, because that word is pretty strange to us, for sure. We couldn’t even imagine that that word exists, especially whenever our friends bring us food. All those succulent and delicious variety of food in front of us–how can we resist them? They’re so aromatic and they look so good to eat! Yes, each and every one of those delectable food tempt us to put them in our mouths and eat them all. We really don’t know if our friends are real friends of ours. They’re not helping us with our goal of losing weight. And we do have this feeling that their real purpose is this: They want us to maintain our chubbiness!

Seriously though, we should aim to lose weight to avoid getting sick. We have to do something NOW.

It takes a lot of sheer determination to start accomplishing this goal. But we can try  making the first steps by doing these schemes:

1. Exercise.

This isn’t easy to include in our schedules, of course, especially if we spend many hours working in the office. When we feel so tired after work, we just want to take a bath and sleep at night when we go home, right? But sadly, this kind of lifestyle we have is not good for our health. We’re prone to having cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, different types of cancer, to name a few.

Rest assured it’s not that hard to lose weight.  Start by having workouts. We don’t have to be tough on ourselves, especially when our bodies are not yet accustomed to hardcore exercises. In fact, we should take it easy for the first days or weeks of exercising.

We can start having a ten-minute workout. We can start with brisk walking or jogging, or with simple stretching. Then every day, we just have to add some more routines like jumping jacks, squats, or push ups.

When our bodies have been used to doing workouts, and when we’ve successfully gotten used to including body exercises in our schedules, then we can finally make these for 30 minutes or longer. We’ll learn to love doing this!

2. Drink plenty of water.

When we exercise and sweat a lot, we surely love to drink plenty of water. And it’s really the best thing we can do. Why? Well, it’s pretty important that we consume lots of it because it helps alleviate many diseases and it helps burn fats. We can consider water as our best buddy from now on!

What’s more, we should drink water before eating every meal. Why? Because it’s the secret to eating less. When we drink plenty, we eat less! That’s how helpful water is.

And though there are many drinks we can choose from that taste so good we could hardly resist them, water is the only one that helps us avoid hyper acidity. Too much juice drinks, energy drinks, soft drinks, coffee, tea, shakes, and most especially alcohol, can increase our level of acidity. And what’s the effect of all these drinks when we consume them a lot? They cause heartburn or acid reflux.

So let’s always drink water. It will not only help us feel good, but look good since it’s also good for our skin.

But we also have to remember something of immense important too. Water with acidity level between 6 and 8, or alkaline, is the best to consume. What’s the very good news about it? There’s a  big chance that it’s an antidote to cancer. Isn’t that amazing?!

3. Eat the right foods.

This is one of the hardest schemes. Simply because many mouthwatering foods that exist are not healthy. But we love them all-pizza, all kinds of pasta, bread (especially white breads), ice cream, cakes, fries, junk foods, burgers, to name a few. They’re so hard to resist, right?

But then, if we really want be fit and be healthy, we must train ourselves to say no to those foods. If we can’t totally avoid them, we can try eating them once in a blue moon (This is really hard to do but there’s no harm in trying!)

So what’s the solution to this? Maybe this can help: Imagine all those foods releasing cholesterol or fats to our bodies, and most especially to our organs. Imagine them not leaving our bodies then we continue to eat those kinds of foods. So they accumulate and accumulate. They’re not only making us fat, they’re causing harm to our internal organs! Then when worse comes to worst, we’d find ourselves in hospitals because we’ve been diagnosed with illnesses and our lives are at stake! Isn’t that creepy?! So let’s avoid them now before it’s too late! We should also limit eating red meat and those delicious processed foods.

Another solution we can make is to eat lots of veggies and fruits. Lots and lots of them! The more colorful they are, the better. It only means that we’re eating different types of veggies and fruits and that will help us get healthier. We can easily feel the difference in our bodies after a few weeks or months.

4. Control our cravings.

When we’re not hungry yet we want to still eat, that should really be stopped. How? The best thing to do is go back to numbers 1 and 2—exercise and drink plenty of water. Hopefully and eventually, we will forget about our cravings.

And we can also keep ourselves busy by doing our hobbies during the times we feel the urge to eat though not at all hungry. Or why not just think about our crushes or our special someones? Just forget about food!

5. Have a right schedule for things.

We can be lazy enough to want to just lie down, watch TV, movies, or our favorite drama series, and we can do this every day, all the rest of our lives. Can you imagine that? Just where did the many hours of our days go? We didn’t only waste so many times just watching, but we’re also causing havoc to our health!

It’s high time we change our habits. It’s not bad to watch our favorite movies or series as long as we don’t spend so many hours of the day doing only that. Of course, we need to accomplish many things to have a better future.

Also, it’s better to be active than inactive. It’s best when we’re always doing something productive and in action because that’s beneficial to our health. Be on the go. It will do us a lot of good.

It actually all boils down to this: We’re trying to lose weight in order to get fit and healthy. We don’t have to become super slim at all. We just have to aim for the size that’s right for us—the right size to avoid illnesses and the right size to feel good about ourselves.