Why It’s Nice to Study in the Philippines

There are countries who welcome foreigners with open arms to study in their universities. One of these is the Philippines.

It’s still nice to study there despite the ongoing war between the Philippine government troops and the Maute-Isis Group in Marawi this 2017. The isolated case in Marawi doesn’t, of course, represent all the other islands or places in the country. It’s still safe to be in all its other places.

So why is the Philippines a haven and an ideal country to study, despite the threat of terrorism in Marawi? These are some of the reasons why:

1. The people are warm and friendly.

Its people are very accommodating. Their smiles and good manners are part of their warm personality which will endear them to you. These natural traits of theirs are big factors that will make you want to stay in the country for a long time. Choosing to study in the Philippines will be more comfortable because of these traits of the Filipinos.

2. You’ll appreciate the culture, food and weather of the country.

You’ll learn to love its traditions and culture, which Filipinos are eager to share and show to foreign friends.

There are delectable Filipino dishes that are world-class you’ll want to eat them as often as you can!

The climate could be scorching hot during Summer, but you’d love going to its pristine beaches. You also have a wide array of desserts, cool drinks and delicious, fresh fruits such as the green and yellow mangoes to quench your thirst during the hot season.

On the other hand, rainy days could be a real challenge as there are areas which can get easily flooded.

Traffic could also be worse during the rainy season. Classes in all levels get suspended even without typhoons. This is because the flood is reason enough to suspend the classes. Well, you can do research work and projects during these days to pass the time. Big floods and super typhoons do happen anywhere in the globe, anyway. So, this problem that the Philippines encounters during the rainy season is something that foreigners wanting to study here needs to get to deal with.

3. Majority of the people are bilinguals.

If you come from an English speaking country, you’d be glad to know that majority of the Filipinos speak English fluently. That’s a good thing because you’d be able to communicate well with the people.

There are also Filipinos who are adept in speaking other languages such as French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and so much more. Since many of the native people can speak other languages, students from foreign countries are motivated to study in the Philippines, knowing that they can communicate with the people whenever they need to. That’s really important when you decide to live and study in other countries.

4. Many schools are conveniently located and accessible to establishments.

In Manila alone, schools are strategically located so one could have access to supermarkets, malls, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, railway transits, public transportation terminals, and the like. Being near to almost anything you need makes life more comfortable and happier for any foreign students who decide to study in the country.

5. The professors are experts in their fields of study and have a wide range of training and experiences.

Teachers are required to have their Master’s and Doctorate Degrees to qualify as professors in universities. Many of the teachers also have their post-graduate studies and training abroad to make them more globally-competitive. As a result, they teach their students the learning and training they’ve obtained from their experiences in the country and in abroad. This only proves the quality education that native and foreign students can have upon choosing to study in the country.

6. The tuition fees are affordable.

The tuition and other fees in the universities nationwide are more affordable compared to other countries. This will be a big advantage to people who wish to study in the country. Temporary abode, boarding houses and rooms for rent are likewise more inexpensive as compared to those in other countries.

7. You’ll have a home away from home.

Once you’ve gained Filipino friends, you’ll find that you won’t just have them, but the whole families of these Filipinos as your friends as well. They’ll eventually treat you as part of their own families once they find you worthy of their trust, friendship and love. This will convince you that you’ve found a home outside your country. This will help you cope up with anxieties and stress brought about by being far from your own country and family.

And what are the best schools in the country where you can study? These are just some of them:

1.  University of the Philippines

2.  Ateneo de Manila University

3.  De La Salle University

4.  University of Santo Tomas
There are many more universities you can choose from.  Just search the websites of universities in the Philippines to know the requirements you must submit to be able to study in the country. Also, check the courses available in these schools, as well as their application and enrolment periods.

Study in the Philippines and feel at home away from your home.