1,000,000 requests/sec insanely fast server in a single machine!

Here is what I’ve got!

Running 1m test @
4 threads and 300 connections
Thread Stats Avg Stdev Max +/- Stdev
Latency 6.04ms 6.03ms 223.64ms 82.89%
Req/Sec 251.98k 34.45k 442.52k 75.25%
60152712 requests in 1.00m, 13.11GB read
Requests/sec: 1000993.93
Transfer/sec: 223.38MB

So if you notice, the total requests per second are more than 1 Million! At first I thought that was a joke until I  proved it myself!

If you are interested in determining the theoretical peak of your machine, follow the link below for the same configuration I have adopted.

Sometime this year, I will gather more information and present to you a more detailed discussion.

500,000 requests/sec – Modern HTTP servers are fast