Why Black Panther Means a Lot to Many People

Why Black Panther Means a Lot to Many People

Have you seen the Black Panther movie already? Or are you like me who was too busy to know when it would be shown yet eventually saw and fell in love with it?! If you are, then you’ll understand why it means a lot to me and to many people all over the globe.

Black Panther is making waves in the box office for very good reasons.

As of this writing, it’s been four weeks already since the movie was shown worldwide and it’s still number one!

It’s very well written and directed (by Ryan Coogler), definitely in very good quality and is hugely produced.  Its cast of talented actors (Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Daniel Kaluuya, Martin Freeman) and actresses (Lupita Nyong’o, Letitia Wright, Danai Gurira to name a few) get to portray their roles magnificently, and the scenes are done in good taste. Many of them have really brought thrill and excitement to the audience. The concept is amazing and people all over the world just love it! Even its soundtrack fits perfectly to create a world that is uniquely appealing.

There is something about the Black Panther movie which touches us to the core.

First of all, it’s almost an all-Black cast. That means a lot to many of us who feel sad that there’s such a thing called discrimination. The film touches something in us that almost seems like a dream come true.  As the story unfolds before our eyes, that dream seems to be somewhat fulfilled even if it’s only a movie. And what’s the dream? Acknowledging, celebrating and respecting people, not just Black, but also other nationalities of different race.

The movie also celebrates “Wakanda,” a make-believe Third World country but is actually prosperous and untouched or uncolonized by other nations.

Everybody seems to love Wakanda–the culture, its rich natural resources especially its vibranium, as well as its amazing technological advancement. Its beauty and the name Wakanda will now be forever remembered by every generation who’ve got to watch and enjoy the film.

Black Panther touches on different issues that matter to many disadvantaged nations across the globe.

Issues concerning representation and race, gender roles as well as moral uprightness of a leader or a king, are consciously and unconsciously being tackled in its story. Perhaps this is the reason why a lot of people love this movie. Maybe they can connect to the situations of different characters in the movie. Or maybe they can relate pretty well to the political issues of their countries too.

What’s also so remarkable about this movie is its effect on the kids who’ve watched it. There have been reports that children of different race, especially Black, say that they finally have a hero they can look up to who is of the same race and color as theirs. And that means a lot to our future generation! They’ve learned to be more confident and contented with themselves.

The movie has a certain magic that can inspire and motivate its viewers.

It’s a Sci fi movie from Marvel, of course. But it’s not the kind that’s forgotten soon and doesn’t affect our real lives. It’s more than that.  Black Panther has the power to give inspiration and hope to people all over the world, to the ones who need assurance that they can be great, regardless of race, age, and belief.

Its effect on people goes beyond gaining pleasure in seeing a movie suffused with humor, drama, action and suspense.  It’s rightfully earning lots of money in the box office because it’s teaching us lessons that are worth keeping and sharing. Black Panther is touching and changing lives.