Look Younger with these 13 Easy Ways

Look Younger with these 13 Easy Ways

It’s truly amazing how some people can look younger than their real age! Just how do they maintain that youthful glow?

I got to talk to some of these awesome people and they revealed some of their secrets on how they found that fountain of youth. You’d better take down notes as you read the following tips (without spending so much money) because I’m sure you’d like to find out how!

  1. Exercise.

If you do regular exercises, you’ll certainly have a younger looking skin and you’ll have a natural blush on your cheeks. If you have a very hectic schedule at work, try inserting in it a 10-minute workout per day.

Also, you can try brisk walking when you go to the office and feel your heart pumping healthily afterwards. The good flow of blood in the body definitely keeps you fit and helps you look younger.

  1. Drink plenty of water.

Water is still the best fluid to take many times a day and every day. It certainly helps in making our skin beautiful. It may cause us frequent trips to the bathroom, but then it helps flush away toxins in our body, making our skin clear and smooth.

  1. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

The colorful your fruit and vegetable intake is, the better. That will provide you with different vitamins which can help maintain good skin condition aside from the healthy benefits you’ll get from them.

  1. Eat more white meat than red meat.

Eating lots of fish and chicken is better than consuming loads of beef and pork. White meat can easily dissolve in our bodies, while red meat can’t.  In fact, beef and pork usually get stuck in the body in the form of bad cholesterol that can stay in our organs, causing different ailments such as high  blood pressure, stroke, heart problems and so much  more. They can also cause you bad temperament and angry outbursts which can likewise badly affect your health.

  1. Have enough rest and sleep to fight stress.

Having a youthful countenance means making sure you sleep at least six hours at night and taking power naps within the day when you get tired.

Also, stress has become part of our work and we can avoid it no longer. But the good news is that we can fight and overcome it. How? Well, you must learn how to unwind and forget about work the moment you leave the office. Believe in yourself yet take criticisms constructively, admit your mistakes, improve your work, and appreciate your efforts and those of others.

Having pets can also relieve stress, as well as yoga and even simple exercises.

  1. Avoid alcoholic drinks and beverages, as well as smoking.

Drinking alcohol often and smoking many times a day won’t only damage your health, but will also make you look older. These bad habits can make your skin dull and dry. Avoid these if you want to look young and vibrant.

  1. Use the mildest things.

Use the mildest bar or liquid soap, shampoo, lotion and other beauty products. Too much scent or chemicals on those can harm or cause dry skin and hair, so use scentless and mild products as much as possible.

  1. Stay away from the sun.

The scorching sun can damage your skin and hair, so you’d better cover yourself with umbrella or hat. You may also use sunscreen lotion to protect you from the UV rays.

  1. Make oil your best friend and it will help you look younger.

Remember the time when you hated having oily skin, especially your face? You should have known that that was actually a blessing. You won’t acquire wrinkles as early as those with dry skin!

Oil is an essential part of our beauty regimen that keeps the skin young-looking. There are various oils you can choose from, but prefer, of course, the one that suits your skin to avoid pimple breakout. You may try putting oil on your damp skin before toweling dry. This will help you feel smooth all over!

  1. Find time to do your hobbies or passion.

Having that youthful glow also means being contented with yourself and loving what you do. You must be happy with what and who you are.

You must appreciate your God-given talents that’s why you should have the time to do your passion, be it in writing, painting, composing songs and poems, dancing, and so much more. Have time for that because that’s where you’re most comfortable at and you definitely excel in them.

  1. Think positive and happy thoughts.

Free your mind and heart from everything negative. Accept situations as they come, and always think that something good will come out of them. Always be hopeful and remove anxiety and doubts from your mind. Come to think of it, the many things you worry about usually don’t happen, so stop worrying!

Aside from that, always remember the things which make you laugh. Share jokes or funny moments with family and friends. And laugh at yourself! You won’t only feel good, you’ll look good and youthful too!

  1. Refrain from always being angry and resentful.

I can’t blame you when you get mad at times. It’s normal. But don’t let bad situations or bad people affect you deeply and very often. Aside from the ailments you may obtain from all your bitterness and resentment, you will look old, sullen and ugly. It’s much better to understand where those people who irritate you are coming from, and it’s better to forgive when they do you wrong. By doing so, you’ll feel that a heavy burden has been lifted from your shoulders and you’ll have a good sleep at night.

  1. Keep the faith.

You’ll have a joyful appearance if you’re hopeful, grateful and peaceful. Those are just some of the benefits of having a strong faith in God. And since you feel protected by Him, you worry less and you look good, beautiful and youthful!

I’m sure you’ll benefit from the tips you’ve just read. Go ahead and try doing them yourselves and you’re on your way to becoming a healthier, happier and younger-looking YOU!