Basketball and Stocks: Is there a Connection?

Filipinos love basketball so much, be it in the National Basketball Association (NBA) or the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).


They’re very passionate and they belong to the most supportive fans of their preferred basketball teams. They’d shout and scream and ecstatically jump and cheer for every three-point or every basket shooting of their favorite teams. A lot even cry or get depressed whenever their fave team loses. That’s how crazy Filipinos are about this famous game!

What are the lengths they’d go through as NBA or PBA fans?

Many stand on line for hours to buy tickets because they want to watch the games live and see their idol players.   Some spend money and take a risk in “pustahan” or betting.  It’s when they join others in predicting which team will win. If their chosen team wins, they’ll be given the price money as agreed upon by all parties. The ones with losing basketball team lose their money, of course.

I can suggest something which is far better and legal for people to stop resorting to betting. Rather than doing this, it’s better if Filipinos invest in stocks instead, while at the same time have fun watching basketball games.


Basketball and stocks. Just how can they be connected?


I can assure you there’s a connection between the two in the Philippine setting. Aside from loving and watching PBA,  I update myself through PBA website,  and visit its Facebook page. Then I bought stocks under the San Miguel Corporation (SMC).

What’s special about SMC?

It has varied products and services. It’s one of those corporations with reliable and quality products, from different foods and beverages to packaging, infrastructure, fuel and oil companies.

It’s also one of the longest-running companies which have the ability to adopt to the dynamic lifestyle of people, technology and innovations. This reliable corporation has adjusted to the ups and downs of the country’ economy and of different government administrations. It has withstood the test of time and continues to provide products that the people prefer to buy in the market. It has also invested in energy and infrastructure that will help improve the living condition of people.

So where’s the connection between basketball and stocks of SMC?

Well, there are currently three sister teams in the PBA, and all of them are owned by SMC. They are the Ginebra San Miguel, Star Hotshots and San Miguel Beer teams. As I was writing this, my favorite San Miguel Beermen (SMB) were playing against the Talk and Text team. It was Game 3 of the Finals for this conference. And after more than an hour, SMB won. Yay!

Like many Filipinos, I cheer for SMB.  But I don’t feel bad whenever they lose, especially when they’re playing against their sister teams during Finals Game. I just shrug my shoulders and think about my stocks.

This way I can enjoy watching the games, and at the same time, enjoy the fact that my stocks under SMC are performing very well!

I highly recommend that all Filipinos do the same—invest in SMC stocks and enjoy watching the basketball games.