Earn Money and Invest Not just for Self but for Country

Political divide isn’t good for us because it’s affecting the progress of our country. So let’s unite for one goal: let’s help boost our economy! I’m sure we really love our nation, so why don’t we think about earning money not just for ourselves and loved ones, but also for our country?

This may seem impossible when we’re under financial constraints, we’ve got loans and debts and we can’t even stretch our budget until the next pay day. But there are ways wherein we can improve our financial status, and believe it or not–even the economy of our country. Here’s how:

  1. We can invest in stocks.

It’s not that hard to invest in stocks anymore. There are reliable brokers with easy investment plans we can avail of. We just have to find the legal and right ones, prepare their requirements to have our accounts, then divide the money we will invest to the best companies offering stocks in the market.

  1. We can attend free seminars on entrepreneurship and find ways to obtain the needed capital.

Let’s not aim just to be best employees but entrepreneurs by starting with small-scale businesses that our communities need. We can apply for loans if we really don’t have any capital to begin with. Well, doing business really encompasses taking risks, accepting failures but never giving up until we succeed.

Another option is saving a few money every pay day until we reach the sufficient amount to start a small-scale business. And when we have already succeeded in earning money from the business, it’s only right that we pay the right amount of taxes that will help the government and our country in terms of infrastructure, improvement of public services and other projects.

  1. We can invest in Retail Treasury Bonds or Treasury Bills.

With treasury bonds, the government lends money from investors then repay them through some payment schemes, with interest.

Treasury bonds (T-bonds) and Treasury Bills (T-Bills) are securities that the government will reimburse to the investors after a given period or upon maturity.  T-bonds mature at a minimum of ten years and a maximum of about 30 years. T-bills, however, mature at a minimum of less than a year and a maximum of ten years. They are issued by our Treasury Bureau to some local banks.

But the most affordable bonds are the Retail Treasury Bonds.

We can visit our local banks to inquire about the requirements and to know when there will be a notice of offering.

Investing in Retail Treasury bonds is less risky and we can earn interest which is much higher than when we just place our savings in the bank.

  1. We can invest in Mutual Funds.

Through this investment, we can insure ourselves and at the same time capitalize in stocks, bonds, government securities or even cash, to be professionally managed by the broker of our own choice.

The best thing to do is search the best and reliable brokers our there (which include banks and insurance companies) then inquire about their requirements to start preparing for this type of investment.

Certainly, there are ways on how we can help improve our financial situation, while at the same time helping our economy grow as well.

We can do it!  We just have to convince ourselves that it’s okay to take the risks, and to really try to be better financially than where we, and our country, are right now.