4 Best Ways to Deal with your Enemies

4 Best Ways to Deal with your Enemies

Whether you like it or not, they do exist and they aim to make your life miserable. They want to cause trouble. These people can be really, really malicious, catty and deadly.

Enemies. Nemesis. How you wish they’ll leave you alone. But if you happen to encounter them often, why not try doing these so that you can handle the situation with flying colors?

1.  Don’t get affected by your enemies’ angry outbursts and harsh words.

Their behavior will, unfortunately, affect their health (not yours) sooner or later. Just try to understand where they’re coming from. Search your memory if you’ve done them wrong that they’d want to be revengeful. If you’ve done so, ask for forgiveness for your own peace of mind. But if you haven’t done so, then determine if you can talk the matter with them in a peaceful and professional manner. If not, then just let them say their piece. As long as they’re not hurting you physically, then just let them be. I know this is easier said than done. Yet when they see you looking calm (at least try to appear that way) and composed, they’ll eventually stop being angry and loud. They’ll realize they’ve created a scene in which they’ve become the villains!

2.  Have full confidence in yourself.

Nasty and venomous as they are, rest assured your enemies will not only talk behind your back. They’ll resort to all sorts of lies or false evidences to destroy your good reputation. Just believe in yourself. If you haven’t done anything wrong, you can always walk with your head held high. They can’t really cause you harm when you know you’re doing the right thing and when you haven’t stepped on anyone’s toes.

3.  Get away from your enemies.

Or better yet, get rid of them. Distance yourself from toxic people. They’ll just try to ruin your day as often as they can. If they’re your classmates, be with schoolmates who have the same vacant as you. Join school organizations. You won’t just be far from those troublesome people, you’ll also have the chance to showcase your talents and be with people who have the same interests as you. On the other hand, if they’re your office mates and if you’re not really happy working in their midst, find another job. There are so many opportunities out there for a skilled and hardworking person like you. Stay only in an institution or company that value your hard work and appreciate your presence.

4.  Be kind to them or learn to love them.

This is the hardest part, I know. It’s almost an impossible thing to do for your enemies. But not imitating their bad behavior, understanding and respecting them despite everything they’ve done to you, will actually give you peace and happiness.

It could be that they’re cruel to you because behind their aggressive and vindictive attitudes are very insecure individuals. They may be hating you because they actually want to be like you but they can’t. It could also be that they are filled with anxiety, unresolved problems, failed relationships and unfulfilled dreams or goals. Because of this, they want to vent their anger towards you, thinking they’ll feel better afterwards. They are actually lost, unhappy and perhaps unloved people.  They need help because they can be very harmful to you, to others and even to themselves, if they don’t realize the reasons why they’re the way they are.

Come to think of it. This may be the reason why the Bible says “love your enemies.”

Love is what they really need– to change, find peace of mind, be happy and  be better people.