Words That Are Better Left Unspoken

We can get so insensitive sometimes. We say unkind words that we should not have uttered in the first place. But the problem is we don’t know when we’re doing this. We actually think we’re helping the persons involved by being honest with them. So we blurt out what’s on our minds. Sadly, we’re not helping them at all but we’re making them depressed and sad. Do you want to know what those words are? You might be surprised to find you’re guilty of saying these lines:

1.  “Why are you still single? When are you getting married?  You’re not getting any younger.”

We must realize how uncaring and indifferent we are if we think it’s only natural to say these lines to unattached people. Many single individuals may appear happy-go-lucky or unconcerned about these things, but they’re actually not. They often worry about this matter. But they may be in pretty complicated situations which prevent them from getting into a relationship and settling down. Also, they may be undergoing many trials in life which made them decide not to think about this for now. But asking the persons these words, most especially in front of other people, is definitely in bad taste. We are only putting those persons in an embarrassing situation.  (Try reading this link too https://www.conektome.com/blogs/5-reasons-why-you-havent-found-your-special-someone-yet/).

2.  “You’re not making any progress.

We often speak what’s on our mind and we forget that we may be saying hurtful words to people who are still doing the same job for many years. But what if their tasks are the only ones which suit their qualifications? What if despite the seemingly non-promotion of these people, they are actually contented and happy with their jobs? Who are we to judge them? And we can even be more insensitive when we  tell these people how far we’ve come as compared to them. Comparing our own jobs and our own talents and skills with them just don’t sit well with me, and with the rest of caring and sensitive people in the world.

3.  “You won’t get to heaven because you don’t belong in the right religion or sect.”

We can be so righteous at times we think that the religious sect we belong to is the only one correct. And so we look down on other people who don’t share the same beliefs. We insult them and laugh at their “foolishness.” We even pity them because we’re sure they’re not going to be saved. But if we really think about it, only God has the right to judge. He’s the only one who can determine who among us will go to heaven or not.

4.   “Your sister or brother is better than you.

This is another case of making comparisons which cause the persons involved to experience doubts about themselves, to be insecure and depressed. Comparing one person to another is really one of the most cruel things we can do. We may not know it  but we may be ruining people’s lives and preventing them to be happy and to believe in themselves when we always compare them with others.

5.  “You look like a mongoloid (and other insults to one’s physical appearance).” 

These words are often followed by laughter. I cringed with shame when I hear an insult like this. Persons with physical disabilities or down syndrome should never be laughed at. They deserve our understanding, help and respect. We’re being inhumane when we resort to jokes like this.

These are just some of the words we may often say without realizing that by doing so, we’re hurting other people’s feelings.

No wonder people, especially millennials, are weak and can easily get depressed. We may not always get the chance to make up for our wrongdoings or our bad words, but there’s still something we can do to help them. Just be kind always. It will make a big difference in their lives.