5 Reasons Why You’re Still Single

5 Reasons Why You’re Still Single

You hate Valentine’s Day. If you just have supernatural powers to completely erase its existence in the calendar and in the minds of human beings, you would! It’s because you’ve been searching for that one special person for a long time now. It only reminds you that you’re still single, in spite of the advice of people that that day is not just for lovers, but for families and friends too.  But still, they can’t understand the longing you feel deep within you  for not yet finding that person who’s meant for you. And so you ask, “Where can you be? Why can’t I find you yet?”

Well, my friend, it can be for the following reasons:

1.  You’re too focused on finding your “dream guy or girl” that you no longer see the real persons around you.

Paying too much attention on the characters of celebrities you admire on movies or the lead characters on romance novels, and trying to search for somebody like those make-believe characters, will not help you find your special someone. You should realize that people in real life are not that perfect, just like the way you’re not. You have to accept and love the imperfections of persons and appreciate them just the way they are.

2.  You’re not keen on socializing.

You need to go out there and mingle with different people if you really want to avoid being single for many years more. It’s alright if you believe in destiny or fate that even without doing a thing, you’ll still meet that person of your dreams. But in reality,  that doesn’t happen much.  You eventually need to take actions. Try joining organizations and groups of your interest, like  a sports or book club, a travel group, and the like. This will give you the chance too to improve on your social skills which will help you as a person in more ways than one. Aside from that, you will enjoy doing  your hobbies with people with similar interests.

3.  You still need to improve your different roles in life.

You still need to improve your grades as a student.  Likewise, you still have to develop good relationships with your parents (They won’t be around forever, as you know) as a daughter or son. You should learn to help around the house and be a good sibling too. As a new graduate, you must focus on finding a nice job first. Then as an employee, you’ve got to exert effort and perform your best at work. You see, you have different roles aside from all these that you still need to get better at. You have to produce a better YOU first in all types of relationships.

4.  You’re comparing yourself with others.

You’re jealous of people who met their special someones early in their lives. Oftentimes,  you feel that it’s unfair because you’ve been a good person yet you’re still single and you don’t have a lovelife! You feel bitter a lot of times.

Stop comparing yourself with others.  Recognize all the good things and blessings coming your way.  Be happy with what you have right now.  You’ll know that there are many things you can do as a single which can make you appreciate your life a lot better.

5.  You still need to know yourself.

You still have a lot of growing up to do. You  need to understand yourself better. Know your talents and skills first and admit your weaknesses and strengths. You’re very much a work in progress. You have to love your very own self.  Feel secure about yourself before you should commit to another person and enter a relationship.

Put simply, you must work on yourself first to be the Mr. or Ms. Right of your special someone. Improve yourself first in all aspects of your personality and even of your life. If you haven’t done so, well, that must be the reason why you’re still single.