7 Ways to Have Better Grades

Are you jealous of those students who just have the flair of obtaining excellent grades without spending so many hours studying? They only have to browse their lessons and books. They instantly know important details of what they’ve just quickly read! It seems so unfair, right?

Well, don’t lose hope yet. For those who are not gifted with such brains, you can try these schemes to get better, if not excellent, grades:

    1.  Study lessons in advance.

    After enrolment, you already have an idea of what your subjects for the forthcoming term or semester would be. Spend a few hours a day googling about each subject, making sure that you search more about the topics which you find difficult to understand. Take advantage of the internet. There are plenty of websites where the lessons you can download are easily explained and completely illustrated. This way, you already know the lessons even before your teachers discuss them.

    2.  Join online forums.

    This is especially beneficial for those who find the areas of Mathematics and Science, particularly Physics, the toughest courses they could imagine. You’ll be amazed at how accommodating many Math and Science enthusiasts worldwide could be.

    3.  Schedule group study reviews.

    Invite your friends or older school mates who have already taken the subjects you wish to study in advance. You may also borrow their old notes, books or reference materials for your own perusal. If you decide to invite them at your own house, you may prepare snacks or cook for them. That will definitely motivate them to schedule another group study session!

    4.  Practice the art of concentration.

    Most students nowadays are not focusing on the lessons that the teachers are discussing. It is one of the culprits why they are not getting good grades. Some are even secretly using their mobile phones during classes and are not at all listening to their teachers. If you’re one of those whose thoughts wander while your teacher is explaining the day’s lessons, then you’d better get a grip on yourself and try to focus, that is, if you want to pass the subject and wish to eventually graduate. If you really find concentrating such a hard thing to do, then try using a planner or a desk calendar and write non-academic tasks you need to accomplish day by day. Strictly follow your schedule. Once you’ve gotten used to following that, then you can finally include your schedule of classes on your planner or desk calendar. It means that during those hours, you must also give your full attention to your lessons.

    5.  Avoid cramming.

    There are those who boast of performing well by cramming, but majority of students are not that talented. So you’d better prevent resorting to it by studying early and by doing your assignments, reports or projects as soon as possible. Cramming is also not good for your health. It causes you to stay wide awake at night and it gives you a lot of stress. So you present a haggard version of yourself when you go to school the next day!

    6.  Reward yourself.

    It is a sad fact that a lot of parents just provide their children with every material thing they need such as gadgets, expensive bags, shoes or clothes. As students, it is really better if you can realize the value of disciplining yourselves. For example, if you obtain grades that will place you on the Dean’s List, reward yourself after that. Treat yourself or request your parents to treat you to your favorite restaurant, cinema, theater, travel destination and the like. This way, you’ll know the significance of working hard to get better grades and acknowledging your efforts afterwards.

    7.  Enjoy your youth while learning to manage your time.

    You’re only young once. Enjoy your life not just as students but also as individuals who need to discover many facets of themselves.  But learn to budget your time between studies and socialization. If you’ve already learned to do it, join your favorite club or organization in school and participate in extracurricular activities. Through this, you’ll not just have ample time for your studies, but you‘ll also have time to unwind. Balance your life that no aspects will suffer. Also, you won’t be students forever, thus, learn to appreciate the simple fact that you’re getting your education to prepare yourself for a skilled and better you.

    These are just some of the ways on how you can achieve better academic performance. The most important thing that you must keep in mind as students is that you can only be a failure if you don’t help yourself. So change your point of view and have that positive streak. Just remember that you’re not just aiming for better grades, but for a better and bright future as well.