Investing in Philippine Stocks: Grow Your Money Effortlessly

You want to get rich, don’t you? Is it really possible even without so much effort?  Well, if you’re in the Philippines, here’s how you can effortlessly do it through stocks:

1. Invest in the the stock market.

Choose your broker (make sure you choose the right one!) but I highly recommend COL Financial. Why? Well, because that’s where my stocks are and they are very much well taken care of.

2. Visit their website.

Browse and read all the necessary information you need about the company, as well as their types of investments.

3. Try their Easy Investment Program.

If you’re like me who has limited funds when I first decided to invest, you can start for as low as P5,000.00. That’s how affordable their easy investment program is.

4. Check their free seminar schedules (it’s there on their website).

It’s really important that you attend even one seminar because you’ll really be enlightened about investing in the stock market, and you’ll also be given a list of best companies where you can buy stocks.

5. Visit the COL Business Center right after the seminar.

They have many friendly customer service staff to assist you. But before going there, or before attending the seminar, you’d better check the requirements that you must submit to be able to invest. I remember bringing photocopies of valid IDs and accomplishing COL Financial forms.  Also, you’d better bring your initial fund of at least P5,000.00 and pay their Cashier so that you’ll save time and effort (because it’s not that easy going to the Philippine Stocks Exchange if you’re living outside Manila). Then you only have to wait for a few minutes before they’ll provide you with your COL account. You may also submit an online application, but then again, I highly recommend attending the seminars and investing on the same day. That way, you’ll be able to ask all the questions you want to ask about investing during the seminar.

6. Choose from different companies where you can buy stocks.

That is, when your initial fund has already been deposited to your COL account. My advice is to deposit your account in two or three big companies. But you’d better verify their minimum shares of stocks by clicking “Quotes” on their website, then type the company stock code, and determine the boardlot. It is the minimum number of stocks you can buy in that particular company.

7. Monitor your funds from time to time.

Check if your funds are increasing or decreasing. Don’t worry if your money decreases because when stocks are down, that’s really the best time to buy– when their prices are lower. Likewise, COL Financial will email you if you have acquired dividends from the stocks you bought.

8. Make some efforts to add a few amount of money to your account and buy stocks in big companies.

The stock market is a risky investment scheme, but still, your money will grow, even if you’re not doing anything except adding money into your account. After 20 years and more, you’ll be amazed at how much money you have saved through this!

Investing in stocks is one of many options on how you can grow your money without doing much effort. Try it!