How To Win People’s Hearts

How To Win People’s Hearts

A guy who’s desperate to get noticed by his crush.  A girl who wants to be popular in school.  A new employee who longs to be liked  by co-workers.  A person who likes to be accepted by society.

You may be one of these people. There are even more out there who wish to be appreciated  by everybody and win people’s hearts. Some can easily do it while others cannot. Is there a way to resolve this dilemma? Well, let’s find out how. These just might do the trick:

Make the first move.

You need to overcome your shyness. Don’t wait for people to greet you. Initiate the greeting.

Be polite and respectful at all times, even if there are people who are rude and harsh to you.

Others pay close attention to how you handle the annoying persons you encounter. If you maintain your good manners in front of hateful individuals,  people will not only appreciate you, but they will  give you their approval and respect as well.  Also, don’t discrimate and be fair.  Give respect to janitors, guards, sales ladies and the like the way you give respect to managers and company officials.

Maintain a positive outlook.

People will want to talk to you if you’re always a source of hope and encouragement. If they always feel happy and inspired after talking to you, they’ll surely seek your company.

Don’t compete with anybody.

Instead, compete with yourself only. Try to improve yourself each day without stepping on someone’s toes.  At times when you feel that you can do better than your co-workers,  remember that each person has his or her own talents, abilities and skills. They are better than you in other areas., so better remind yourself that you must learn to respect others’ weaknesses and avoid comparing your ablities with theirs.

Be kind and you’ll definitely win people’s hearts.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, always be considerate and understanding. As people say, you don’t know if a person is encountering many difficulties in his or her life. And the only way you can help is by being kind. But being this way doesn’t mean you have to say yes to everything people ask you to do. Be kind but learn to say no if the situation requires you to do so.

Love yourself.

If people can see how much you value and respect yourself without getting conceited, if they find you’re contented with the person that you are, they can’t help but like you and be drawn to you.

When you do all of these, people can’t help but like and love you.  But then, you can never please everybody.  Just be happy with yourself and be grateful to the people who appreciate you.

As for the person who wants to get the attention of his or her crush, rest assured he or she will eventually be noticed by the right person at the right time.