Meet this Smart and Beautiful University Professor, Dr. Marie Paz Morales

Meet this Smart and Beautiful University Professor, Dr. Marie Paz Morales

A head-turner. That’s how we find the beautiful and young-looking Dr. Marie Paz Morales, or Ma’am Paz, as she is fondly called by people, especially by her students. But aside from her good looks, she has brains and a sense of humor that make her one of the best professors we know. And so for this year’s World Teachers’ Month, we would like to pay tribute to her by making her our first choice for our Teacher Interview Series.   Here it goes:

1. How long have you been teaching?

About 21 years.

2. Do you have a teaching philosophy?

Yes. Be of service (through teaching, research, community service, linkages and production) for better education service.

3. What are the highlights of your teaching career so far?

There are many high points and consideration of high points is very subjective. If I consider the products…high points are when my former students become better, than they were before achieving a lot.

When it comes to my professional development… every time I am able to accomplish big time – Additional degree, better knowledge of a particular field etc.

When it comes to immediate product – those whom I advise and finish or complete their degrees.

4. Is there a particular person or are there persons who had an impact on you and on your teaching profession? Why and how?

All my mentors served as my models in one way or another.

5. What’s the teaching method that you can consider to be most effective and should also be implemented by would-be teachers?

Not one in particular. I only have teaching principles that basically govern the way I teach. I always see to it that I know my students well. I need to know what they wanted to know and capable of doing. I also need to know myself deeper, in relation to what my students know, want to know, need to know and capable of doing. I always believe that matching and pairing play the significant part.

6. How do you envision the educational system in the Philippines? What are the developments or improvements you’d like to see?

I would love to see that we developed using much of our indigenous knowledge and that we have become learned citizens bringing great heaps of economic progress to our country but are also able to maintain our culture and our natural resources.

7. Do you have any advice to young people who would like to become teachers someday?

Maintain the thirst for knowledge to sustain humility.  Always be reminded that we cannot teach what we don’t have, so keep on learning, guys…

8. Last but not the least, how do you maintain your youthful glow and beauty despite the pressure and stress brought about by work?

I have to manage my time well so I have lots of time for good food and sleep well too……and smile…have good friends as well. (End)

As we say “hats off to you, Ma’am Paz,” we would also like to think about this simple phrase that reminds us of her:

“Not all beautiful people are in show business.  Some are in the universities, in front of their students.”