Get Rid of Cough Naturally

Get Rid of Cough Naturally

Cough can be so annoying. It can linger for weeks even with medications that it leaves us weak and uncomfortable. How we’d love to get rid of cough immediately!

It is best to visit the doctor for consultation and for proper medications. Besides, we can easily find out from the expert the medicine that’s right for us.

However,  there are so many of us who don’t want to go to the doctor if we can naturally cure our cough. So if we’re as stubborn as our cough, then let’s find the ways to remedy our problems. Here’s how.

Use honey to get rid of cough.

For those of us who’ve tried different medications yet still suffer from cough, honey can be the right solution to our problem. It’s not that expensive and we’ll get healed even before we finish the bottle of honey.

Just eat one tablespoon of honey even after every meal. Or we may also combine a spoonful of honey with our favorite tea.

Turmeric drink with honey will likewise ease our problem.

Drink ginger tea with lemon.

These two powerful combinations are good sources of vitamin C which is needed for stronger immune system. Ginger tea can help soothe congestion and respiratory problems brought about by cold, flu or cough. Ginger is also very good in relieving bloating and inflammation.

On the other hand, lemon will immensely help us when we’re also suffering  from fever and throat infections. It also helps reduce problems with indigestion, rheumatism, kidney stones, high blood pressure, obesity, to name a few.

Our cough will be gone if we drink ginger tea with lemon, and even honey, once or twice a day.

Take plenty of rest.

Stress and lack of rest make our immune system weak. Thus, we are prone to cold, flu, fever and cough. Sleeping at least six hours at night, and eating lots of fruits and vegetables will help us get our strength back. The rest our bodies badly need will also help us get rid of persistent cough.

It is also better if we can use pillows to sleep better if we’re suffering from clogged nose.

Drink warm water.

Warm water can help relieve dry, persistent cough and for us to stay hydrated.  We can also dissolve salt in the warm water and gargle it to reduce sore throat or cough.

Use oregano to treat cough.

Oregano has many health benefits. It is a natural medicine that can help us treat cough and even cold.

There are various ways to prepare oregano for our cough.  We may boil the oregano leaves for about five minutes with garlic, then let it cool for a few minutes. Then just pour the mixture onto the honey and drink it.

One more way to treat our cough is to crush the oregano leaves, then add apple cider vinegar and honey. Let’s think of it as our salad mix. It’s not just delicious, it is also effective in helping us cure that stubborn cough!

Apply vapor rubs on the chest and neck.

Using a vapor rub can be of immense help to chest and nose congestion. Let’s apply it on our chests and necks to ease our discomfort. It can also lessen or remove the intensity of headache. We may either put some of it on our foreheads or place the vapor rub can or bottle near the nose.