Perks of Being a DOST JLSS Scholar

Are you a third year college in the Philippines, taking up courses in the fields of Mathematics, Engineering and Sciences? If you are, then you’d better grab the opportunity! Be a scholar of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). The scholarship is better known as the Junior Level Science Scholarship or JLSS (DOST JLSS).

What’s in store for you as a DOST JLSS scholar?


1. You can make sure of getting a monthly allowance with a maximum of P6,000 per month.

The scholarship actually has varied categories, depending on where you qualify. You’ll receive a P6,000 monthly stipend if you’re taking a Mining Engineering, Physics, Fisheries, Geology or  Agriculture course.  You can be classified as RA 10612, RA 7687 or Merit with Full Scholarship category.

You’ll get a P5,000.00 allowance if you’re taking courses other than those previously mentioned. Likewise, you’ll receive a monthly stipend for a minimum of P3,200.00 to a maximum of P6,000.00 if you pass for Merit Scholarship. It depends if you qualify as Special, Partial, or Full scholar under this program. You may visit the DOST website for more details regarding this scholarship category.

2.  DOST will provide you with a P10,000.00 book allowance for one school year.

You’ll get the chance to reimburse your transportation expenses. However, the ticket you’ll submit should be the one you used when you returned from the province at the start of the semester or term, then the one you used in going home to the province after the school year.

3.  The tuition and other fees will be shouldered by DOST.

Well, that is, DOST will pay for your tuition of not more than P8,000.00 per term or not more than P10,000.00 per semester. And if in case you’re required to take a subject during Summer Term, DOST will also pay for your tuition fees of not more than P1,500.00.

4.  You’ll receive stipends for your Summer Class.

Don’t feel sad that you have a subject to take during Summer Term. In fact, you should be happy. You’re learning a course while at the same time receiving stipends for two months! Aside from this, you can reimburse the amount of book you’ll buy for your Summer class, just make sure it’s not more than P500.00.

5.  You’ll have the chance to have a 240 hours’ Summer Practical Training Program.

The Summer Practical Training Program (SPTP) is something to look forward to. Here’s where you can apply what you’re learning. You’ll also have the chance to choose where you want to have it.
However, you might encounter a conflict with schedule if you have your Summer class. The best thing to do is ask your class adviser if you can be endorsed to an institution who will agree with a flexible schedule. For example, if you have a morning class, then you’ll have your SPTP in the afternoon. Just make sure you finish the 240 hours’ training to get your full stipends for two months. Otherwise, you’ll receive less than that. Your stipends will be computed based on the number of hours of your training.

6.  The Department of Education (DepEd) will provide you with free education training.

Education units are very much useful, no matter what course you’re taking.  It’s definitely to your advantage if you pass the DOST JLSS Scholarship and if you’re a student of pure Science, Engineering and Math courses. You’ll be entitled to take the Certificate in Teaching Program at the Philippine Normal University.
You’ll likewise be endorsed to the Department of Education (DepEd) by the DOST after you graduate from college. Then DepEd will find a teaching job for you! Your starting salary as a teacher in a public secondary school is higher than that of a regular teacher on his or her first teaching post.

7.  You’ll have the option to teach in a private or public school of your choice.

As a DOST JLSS scholar, you can choose to teach between private and public secondary schools as your service obligation. Rest assured you’ll be enjoying your salary while at the same time serving the country. You won’t feel that you’re returning an obligation at all because you’re earning an income.

8.  Be ready to be a part of supportive teams.

You’ll be part of the DOST Scholars’ Association and the DOST Office if you have one in your school. Get ready to enjoy the perks of being a DOST scholar through the organization’s different activities. You’ll also have a support group through the DOST Office that provides seminar-workshops, consultation periods, outreach projects and other programs for your holistic and personal growth.

What should you do to become a DOST JLSS scholar?


  1. Visit the DOST website, download the DOST JLSS brochure and application form.
  2. Check the requirements and start preparing your documents. Make sure to complete those on or before the deadline of application.
  3. Prepare for the scholarship examination.


Where should you submit your requirements for the DOST JLSS examination?

Submit all your requirements to the DOST Science Education Institute in Bicutan, Taguig City. You may also submit your requirements to DOST Regional Offices near you.

So what are you waiting for?


Apply now. Be a DOST JLSS scholar and have a bright future ahead of you!