Why You Should Invest in Real Estate

You can never go wrong if you invest in real estate. It’s a proof of the fruits of your labor. You can better savor the awesome years ahead of you because of it.

Why is it important to invest in real estate?


  1. It will be forever yours and will be your remembrance to generations of your family.

Don’t envy people who always spend their savings on cars, gadgets, expensive clothes, bags or travel. Not that it’s not right doing those things. Everybody’s entitled to his or her own happiness and priorities. But then it’s far better to eventually put your money in real estate because that won’t go out of style. Your lot, in particular, is something that will increase value as years go by.

  1. The price of a house and lot increases yearly.

Yes, of course, it will be great if you can buy your dream house soon. But reality tells you that you can’t afford that yet. So the best thing you can do is buy an affordable lot or house and lot as soon as possible.

You don’t have to buy a big lot or a big house. It’s enough that you buy lot and floor areas you can afford. You can always improve, extend (even upward) or enhance your property when you’re finished paying the amount of equity and amortization.

You can buy a house and lot, or just a lot, through bank financing or through PAG-IBIG financing in the Philippines.

  1. It will be your asset and property which you may use for business.

The farther the location of your real estate property to the big city, the better. Why? Your monthly payment will be much more affordable.


You’re mistaken if you think buying a lot or house and lot away from the big city is a wrong decision.


In the Philippines alone, more roads and light railway transits are already being built. That’s why people living in Cavite, Bulacan or Pampanga will be able to reach Manila in less than an hour. Thus, the people living in those areas are not concerned that they’re living outside Manila. It’s because they’ve acquired more affordable real estate properties in areas not easily flooded and safer to live in. The country is progressing well, and will continue to do so in the coming years. Thus, investing in houses and lots outside the big city still has its advantages.

You can also use your real estate property for business. You may rent it for commercial or residential purposes.

What are the things to consider when buying a real estate property?


  1. Your safety.

Is the area flood-prone or included in the list of areas near earthquake fault lines? Does it have a safe neighborhood?

  1. Your salary and other sources of income.

Can you afford to pay its equity and monthly amortization? Do you still have enough money left for your daily needs, bills payment, relaxation and other expenses?

  1. Your travel.

Have you thought about the length of your travel before buying the real estate? Are there other means of transportation such as railway transits, subways, buses, and the like? Will your transportation expenses be sufficient or affordable?

  1. Your broker.

Can the broker be trusted and reliable? Do you have true friends who serve as real estate agents or brokers? If you have, then it’s better to buy a house and lot through them. They will think about their reputation and friendship more than the eagerness to earn.

  1. Your family.

Have you consulted your family before buying the real estate property? Do they love the area?  Are they thrilled about moving there or using the place for business purposes?


Invest in a lot property, more than in a house and lot, condominium or rent-to-own mortgages. In fact, a lot property should be top priority in real estate investing.


Once you have the lot, you can build your house or commercial space little by little, depending on the availability of your budget.

However, if you have the budget to buy both a house and a lot, then prefer pre-selling to avoid easy depreciation of house materials. On the other hand, it’s not advisable to prefer buying a rent-to-own apartment or townhouse despite its attractive low cost price. The apartment or townhouse must have been built years ago and you’ll spend more on rebuilding or improving it. Aside from this, there always seems to be some issues with contracts and agreement between the seller and buyer. It’s still safe to prefer buying a pre-selling house.

Likewise, you’ll only have temporary ownership if you prefer to buy a condominium. You won’t own it forever unlike if you buy a lot or a house and lot. It’s okay as temporary abode, but you’ll be paying more for the utility bills and building maintenance.


Consider investing in real estate now to avail of more affordable prices.


Note that the prices of house and lots easily increase. So buy as soon as you can. It’s for your own good.

Last but not the least, keep in mind to make your house a happy place to live in. Your relationship with the people who live under the same roof with you should matter the most. Remember, your house should not just be a house but a home.