We Can Help the Farmers! Here’s How

We Can Help the Farmers! Here’s How

Farmers are very much important in our lives. They work from the wee hours of the morning until late in the afternoon or evening. They work in the scorching sun, oftentimes disregarding hunger just to finish their tasks for the day. We should be grateful they’re here to produce the foods we eat.

But farmers are often taken for granted. They have less or no benefits, yet they always have to work hard to make both ends meet

There were news that vegetables, such as tomatoes, were just spoiled or thrown away because they were not sold anymore. The number of tomatoes produced were so many but sadly, there were no huge number of consumers to buy them.

This kind of situation must stop. We, in our own little ways, should help the farmers. We don’t have to wait for anyone else to do the first move!

Let’s help them have better lives. How? Find out here.

Buy what the farmers produce.

No worries if we live in the city. There are online stores which will let us buy fruits, vegetables, and even rice produced by farmers themselves. Session Groceries, e-magsasaka, and Farm to Folk, are just some of these online stores in the Philippines. Try researching about them and buying their products.

Coordinate with the farmers themselves.

If we’re travelling around the country, well, why don’t we befriend the farmers in the area we’re visiting?  We may look for their cooperatives and buy their goods. Instead of purchasing expensive souvenir items, we may also try bringing to our families and friends fruits and vegetables, as well as rice. We’ll feel much, much better knowing we’re eating healthy foods while helping these simple folks too! And when we buy, we shouldn’t ask for prices that are even lower than the farmers are selling. The prices are low enough!

Choose fruits and vegetables in our local market.

For sure the market vendors bought their sacks of rice, fruits and vegetables from farmers. Buy from them. Even if they have slightly increased the prices of the goods, they’re still bought from people who work hard to produce what we eat. So why don’t we support them too?!

Promote what they sell.

There are so many ways we can promote the agricultural sector because we’re in the Digital Age. Let’s promote our local fruits, vegetables and rice in social media platforms. Let’s also encourage our families and friends to support locally-produced goods. This way, we’re not only helping the farmers, we’re helping our nation as well!

Advocate for their cause through virtual farming.

Heard about FarmOn.ph? We can help farmers by crowdfunding a project. It means raising small amounts of money from a large number of people by becoming virtual farmers, and therefore providing financial support to a certain project. And we will earn too should the project succeed!

Exercise a healthy lifestyle by supporting the farmers’ goods.

Our health is truly our wealth!

We can start taking care of our health by purchasing fruits and vegetables of our farmers. Their organic goods will help us jumpstart our goal of staying healthy. Eating red or black rice will be beneficial to us, while buying their different fruits and vegetables will help us have clear skin. And what’s more, those will keep us young-looking!

Become resellers of their products.

If we can afford to buy their products in bulk, and if we really want to provide constant support to farmers, why not try becoming resellers of their goods? We may start with friends and relatives, and then we’ll take it from there. Who knows, we may become very successful entrepreneurs too!

Let’s save our farmers.

We can help these people have better lives by choosing to buy their products, and promoting them in public. By teaching our children to respect and think highly of them, and by encouraging them to appreciate agriculture, we will raise responsible individuals who will contribute to the welfare of farmers and our country.

Helping the farmers this way is like personally offering our thanks to them for working hard to produce the foods we eat every day. And there’s no better day than today to help them.  So let’s do it now!