How to Feel Good Despite the Bad Times

How to Feel Good Despite the Bad Times

We all wish to feel good despite the bad times. The coronavirus sadly isn’t going away soon, it seems, and somehow its presence makes us anxious, disappointed, frustrated, depressed, you name it! It makes us feel so bad.

Yet, we have to overcome these trying times. We just have to, if we want to survive this pandemic-physically and mentally.

So how do we feel good despite the bad times? Here are some helpful tips on how to do it.

Get real with what we’re feeling first.

Get if off our chest. Rant, get angry, cry. That’s how we start taking our baby steps to feel good despite the bad times.

Let’s not keep it all to ourselves.

Better tell our most trusted friend or loved one about what makes us feel bad. For sure he or she feels the same way that we do! Telling someone somehow helps ease the burden we feel.

Think about how far we’ve come.

We’ve been through a lot all these years That’s even before the coronavirus came. We’ve overcome so many trials with flying colors already! So let’s think about taking one more step in resolving a problem that the whole world is facing now. We made it before, we can make it again today. Just keep the positivity intact!

Do the things we really want to do, if we can.

We may not be able to travel nowadays, or spend more time with friends, but then there are still many things we can do, even with the coronavirus around. We can practice cooking to our hearts’ content, we can binge watch our favorite anime or drama series, we can listen to our favorite music all day long while gardening, or making our homes more beautiful! After doing these, we’ll surely feel good, even in bad times such as this pandemic.

Spend more time with pets.

Pets are so funny and we may not have noticed that before because we were too busy. But now that we’re stuck in our houses for so many hours, days, and months, we sure can observe them more closely finally, have fun doing it, and laugh a lot about their funny ways!

Avoid toxic people and anything that will bring us anxiety.

Social media bring us closer to friends who are far from us. But then what if there are toxic persons among them? if we wish to feel good despite the bad times, we need to lessen our time with social media then. And of course, that means we won’t be reached much often by toxic persons who may wish to disrupt our calm during these difficult times.

Be aware of what’s happening in the world But then if the news brings us more anxiety moments, then we should lessen our news intake too.


There are people who hurt us and wronged us. But instead of hating them, we should forgive them now. It’s high time we really do. Let bygones be bygones. For sure they’ve learned their lessons in life too, and they might have learned those the hard way.

Let’s then forgive, and feel so good despite the bad times.

Keep the lessons we’re learning and feel good, despite the bad times.

Certainly we find so many life lessons this pandemic era. We must remember the importance of financial literacy, of valuing relationships far and near, of showing gratitude to modern day heroes such as our frontliners, of doing our part in taking care of Mother Nature and animals, and so much more.

By giving much thought to our health and what we can do as responsible human beings, we can already feel happy despite the bad times. This is because we feel good doing our part as responsible persons. When we use face mask and follow quarantine and lockdown rules, we should already praise ourselves for being good citizens of our country. So let’s always believe in ourselves and feel awesome today!

Love ourselves more.

This pandemic has taught us to value our own selves. To eat and drink healthy, exercise, upgrade ourselves, appreciate our worth, and look good even if we’re just staying at home, We’ll definitely feel good despite the bad times.

If we’re Christians, then we know there’s Someone up there whom we can lean on.

We can always look up and just keep on trusting Him in spite of all the odds. Knowing there’s this Someone who won’t leave us during our darkest moments will help us survive this pandemic big time! We’ll definitely feel good despite the bad times!

Always dwell on what’s positive and on the good times.

Surely we’ve got a collection of funny moments in our heads! Let’s always remember them, especially during this pandemic period. Those funny memories will keep us feeling good no matter what situation we’re in.

Positive thinking also goes a long way in keeping us sane and hopeful. So let’s condition our minds to being optimistic, as we keep in mind as well that all things will soon pass. So this pandemic, remember that no matter how long the coronavirus lingers, it will eventually leave us.

So let’s keep on dreaming our dreams, fulfilling our goals, understanding and loving one another, and cherishing our own selves. We matter. We have a purpose and our own roles in this life.

So smile. There’ll be better days ahead!