Why You Should Be a DOST Scholar

Are your parents having a hard time making both ends meet? Are you having financial difficulties as a student?  But despite all these, are you exerting efforts and doing good in school? If your answer is yes to all these questions, well then, you should aim to be a DOST scholar.

DOST stands for Department of Science and Technology. Under this Department is the Science Education Institute that handles undergraduate (and graduate scholarships) for financially-challenged yet deserving students who will take courses in Science, Engineering and Mathematics.

So why should you be a DOST scholar?


1. DOST’s financial assistance, through scholarship privileges, will help you have your dream of earning a college degree.


You may be poor in your life right now, but once you become a DOST scholar, you’ll be provided with financial assistance such as tuition and other school fees not exceeding P10,000 per semester or P8,000 per term. You’ll also be provided with book allowance worth P10,000 per school year, as well as monthly stipend that will depend on your scholarship category. If you qualify as a Merit scholar, your monthly stipend may be in special, partial or full category. DOST will orient you on that during contract signing. Likewise, if you qualify as RA 7687 scholar, you’ll have a monthly stipend of P5,000.00 or P6,000.00, depending on the course you’ll take. If you’ll prefer taking Physics, Geology and Mining courses, your monthly stipend will be P6,000.00. On the other hand, you’ll have a P5,000.00 monthly stipend if you take other courses in Science and Mathematics. Aside from this, you’ll have a P1,000.00 P.E. clothing allowance during your first semester or term as freshman in college.

The amount of privileges are subject to change upon increase of future allowances.

2.  DOST’s support will help you get through your personal and academic difficulties.


DOST scholars often feel under pressure because of the immense responsibility of meeting the requirements of the scholarship. Aside from this, they also experience family and personal difficulties which often affect their academic performance. But worry not. If you become a DOST scholar and you study in a university with many other recipients, you’ll find a home away from home. This is through the office and learning resource center that are provided for the implementation of scholarship programs.

DOST satellite offices usually conducts consultation hours to assist you. Besides, they also organize seminar-workshops, assemblies, outreach projects and other programs as part of their learning support mechanisms. These events that are designed for your holistic and personal growth will help you cope up with trials and problems you may encounter within the duration of your scholarship.


3.  You’ll have this big potential of becoming a scientist/educator/leader that can contribute to the country’s nation building.


You have the brain and the heart to be a scientist, educator or leader someday soon. You just have to exert more effort and be determined to finish your college education with flying colors.

Believe in yourself and in your capabilities. As you take courses in the fields of science, mathematics, engineering and technology, rest assured that your treading the right path and the right career. This is because courses in these fields are always in demand and are always useful.

As you aim to have a better life, it’s also better that you aim to help in the development of the nation. So when you finish your course through the scholarship, you must serve by working and sharing your knowledge and training here in your own country.


And how can you be a DOST scholar?


If you’re a natural-born Filipino, in good health, have a good moral character, and you belong to the top 5 percent of the graduating class, then you have a big chance to be a recipient of the scholarship. And of course you have to pass the qualifying exam on October 15, 2o17.

You can now read the qualifications at DOST’s website.

What are the documents you must submit to apply for the exam?


Once the application form becomes available, you just have to accomplish every part of it that needs to be accomplished. Some of these are photocopy of birth certificate, certificate of good moral character, residency, and that from the principal proving that you belong to the upper 5 percent of the graduating class. You should also have a copy of your family’s electric bill for the last three consecutive months. This is very important in determining your scholarship category.

You may visit www.sei.dost.gov.ph or www.science-scholarships.ph for the complete list of requirements for your application.  The brochures and application forms can now be downloaded there.


Where should you submit your documents?


These are just some of the requirements that you must submit to the DOST-Science Education Institute Office in Bicutan, Taguig City. But if you’re far from this area, you may submit your application forms and other requirements to the DOST regional office nearest your place of residence. The application forms will also soon be available in all DOST regional and satellite offices.


The scholarship is your first step in having a bright future. It can make a difference in your life.


If you’re interested in having a better future, then gather your requirements now. Begin reviewing lessons and try having mock aptitude tests. That will help you prepare for the exam on October 15th.

Also, start believing that you can be a recipient of DOST scholarship. Soon, you just might find yourself becoming one.