10 Best Things to Do as We Envision a Post Pandemic Era

10 Best Things to Do as We Envision a Post Pandemic Era

It’s not yet over in many parts of the world, but there’s no harm in thinking about how to prepare yourself for a post pandemic era. Herd immunization will happen sooner or later, so why not think as early as now about how you can better shift to days and years without lockdowns?

We’ve got 10 reminders for you to help you prepare for, and look forward to, virus-free and brighter days to come.

1. Stay healthy during the post pandemic era.

Aim to stay healthy with or without pandemic because it’s one way of expressing how you love yourself and value your life.

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Exercise. Have enough sleep. Know your family’s health history. Check what you should eat or not, and what you should avoid doing to stay strong and illness-free, as long as you can.

2. Get rid of bad habits – totally.

The COVID19 pandemic may have robbed you of many moments of freedom, productive work in the office, and leisure days with friends, but it has also brought changes that made you do things for the better.

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You always observe cleanliness now, despite your busy schedule, It’s awesome how you wash your hands more often these days, and  even keep your house neat and pretty! You put plants inside your home that help you relax and sleep better, and you get rid of unhealthy, processed foods, as well as bad drinking habits. Keep it up!

3. Prepare for heavy traffic.

Who wouldn’t love working from home where you’re spending more time with your family? But sooner or later, you’re going back to the office. And you’re going back to experiencing heavy traffic again! So how do you prepare for it?  

Traffic shouldn’t  keep you from being happy. Eat and relieve yourself before leaving your home and office, or always have some finger foods and a reusable bottled water with you just in case you got stuck in traffic for hours. Listen to your favorite songs to calm your mind. Or if you’re commuting and you’re with your gadgets, then watch a movie, K-drama, anime, favorite videos, read an e-book, you name it. Just make your commute your fun time. This way, you’ll spend the hours more enjoyable for yourself. That’s beating traffic!

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4. Help your children, and even pets, adjust, as early as now.

You’ve made the pandemic pretty special for your family because you’ve got to spend more time with them during the lockdowns.  So they’ll be the ones who’ll be affected the most when it’s finally time for you to resume your work in the office. Separation anxiety definitely can’t be avoided, even in pets.

Help your young siblings or your kids adjust by letting them be on their own every day, starting from a short period of time then lengthening the hours.  Help them think of ways to make their time productive and enjoyable. Talk to them  too and  explain why you have to eventually go back to the office.

As for pets, create a routine for them in such a way that they are gradually adjusting to your absence day by day.  Much better if a family member, who rarely goes out, spends some time with them each day too. This way, the pets won’t be too stressed or anxious because they know they still have a human companion in the house.

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5. Aim for security and sustainability in difficult situations.

Even if you return to your busy life, always think of ways to secure your home and family so that when calamity strikes, you’re more prepared to handle the situation.

Have enough supplies of food, water, and other necessities. Always recharge flash lights and other important things, and regularly check your electrical wirings and your house condition.

If gardening has become a huge part of your lockdowns, you must have also realized how fun, nice, and important it is to plant, grow, harvest, then eat your own fruits and vegetables. Aside from making you healthy and younger looking, you are assured that you have foods to eat when you can’t go out, such as during a lockdown. And if you have limited space, try vertical gardening. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Don’t forget that!

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 6. Keep on saving and investing.

The  pandemic has opened your eyes for sure to the fact that financial literacy is very important before, during and after the pandemic. So keep on saving when the post pandemic era comes, even if you can only set aside a little amount of money from time to time. You’ll be grateful you saved, especially when emergencies happen.

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So don’t always buy the things that you want, but just those that you truly need. And you’ll be surprised at how much money you can save because of that!

Keep on investing as well. Invest in insurance, real estate, business or stocks, to prepare yourself for a better future, and that includes your retirement.

 7. Always learn something new, most importantly during the post pandemic era.

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Upgrade your skills and welcome criticisms if they can help improve yourself. It’s one way of investing too. But this time you’re investing in yourself, for a better, more successful, and more contented you.

8. Know your priorities and stick to making them your priorities.

The pandemic has taught you who or which should come first in your life – your loved ones and your health particularly, including your mental well-being.

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When you’re already in the post-pandemic era, don’t spend so many hours working. Just do it during office hours if you can help it. The remaining hours of the day and night should be for yourself and your loved ones already.

9. Respect all that lives.

Respect the living things you may have always taken for granted – the animals, plants and everything in the environment. They’re here for a reason and they’re part of your world.

Too many animals are being killed each day for human consumption, and too much abuse is being done to Mother Nature every day too. You’ll not be able to solve all the world’s problems for sure, but you can do a lot of little things so as not to be part of the ones causing abuse to animals and nature.

Think of lessening your meat intake or try veganism. Be more responsible on how you get rid of your wastes, and be more respectful of Mother Nature.

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Don’t forget to always give respect to frontliners too.

They’re the ones who’ve made your life easier during the pandemic. They’ve done all sorts of errands for you and bravely faced the enemy you couldn’t see. So with or without pandemic, keep on showing them the gratitude and respect they truly deserve.

10. Don’t forget to reach out during the post pandemic era.

It’s a cruel world out there, and there are too much suffering. You can’t help all needy people and animals, but you can help those you cross paths with.

One lesson you must have learned from the pandemic is the fact that you should always lend a helping hand if you can help it. Doing good without asking for anything in return is something that gives you priceless joy and peace. When you help others, you’re also helping yourself have a more meaningful life.

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Reaching the post pandemic period means you’re a survivor! You may have gone through a lot during the pandemic, but here you are, still alive and kicking! So keep on pursuing your dreams and goals in life. Celebrate each day to the fullest.

And because of that, always carry with you the positive things the lockdowns have brought. Those that have helped you become a better version of yourself. The ones inspiring you to aim for a better world not just for yourself and your loved ones, but for everyone and for everything that lives on earth.