Feeling Stressed or Anxious Because of the Pandemic? These Tips Can Help You

Feeling Stressed or Anxious Because of the Pandemic? These Tips Can Help You

No one can blame you if you’re feeling stressed or anxious because of the coronavirus pandemic. Majority are possibly feeling the same way as you! Who can blame you when so many people all over the world are dying or getting sick with the virus? The fear of losing your loved ones or getting sick yourself, your parents losing their jobs as well as you losing yours, and the uncertainty of the future… all these and more can really cause anxiety, depression, and hopelessness.

But hey, you’re still reading this. Like me, you woke up this morning. That’s reason enough to rise and start again.

And we’ve got some tips for you on how you can really start again despite the seemingly dark and depressing world you and all of us are in right now. May these tips help you with what you’re going through.

1. Acknowledge the cause of your stress and anxiety. Tell a family member or a friend.

What’s making you anxious? What makes you fearful?  Acknowledge what it is that’s causing you to overthink and feel distressed.

This won’t make you feel better instantly, but being true to yourself will bring comfort somehow, And cry if you must. That’s really okay. You’ll feel that a big weight has been lifted off your shoulders afterwards.

You may tell a family member or a friend about your worries and fears. That is, if you want to. Telling another person of what’s constantly making you overthink can also help lessen or alleviate your anxiety. And who knows, maybe that person can help you solve your problems.

2. Face your fears. Do something to resolve them.

This is something hard to do, but you can always try.

Do something about your problems. Now. Not in a big way, perhaps, but baby steps will do, each day or each week. At least do something to lessen your worries. Try and try to do something until you feel you’re not that anxious anymore.

3. Lessen your news and social media intake.

If it affects you in a bad way, and if it’s what’s making you sad and worry a lot, then lessen your news intake. So many bad news this pandemic can really trigger your anxiety. Avoid spending many hours using social media as well!

4. Arrange your daily schedule to love yourself more.

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Work only during the prescribed number of working hours. Don’t ever stress yourself too much doing work. Beyond that should be your “me” time and bonding moments with your loved ones.

Learn to love yourself more.

Always remember that finding hope and peace this pandemic period is only made possible when you love yourself first.

So pamper yourself. Dress nicely even at home if you like, Take care of every thing about you.

There’s no one quite like you in this world. You have your distinct personality, your God-given talent, and your hard-earned skills. Celebrate yourself!

5. Find time for what you want to do and upgrade yourself.

Reading, gardening, playing the guitar or piano, painting, dancing, singing, binge watching dramas, movies, or animes, listening to your favorite music. Have time for those. It means finding time for your hobbies, for a happier you.

Upgrade yourself too if that will help you feel more confident. Learn a new course. There are so many to choose from, just search the web for free online courses.

6. Appreciate your pets.

Pets are definitely stress relievers with their cuteness and all their funny ways!. Have time with them. Play with them and realize that they can make you feel a lot better. They’re like a ray of sunshine in an otherwise cloudy day.

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7. Avoid toxic people.

They’re everywhere still, despite the pandemic. And they may be hard to avoid especially if you live with them (God forbid!),

They may be texting you or sending you messages that are hurtful, insulting or downgrading. Ignore them because they may be one of the major reasons why you’re so anxious. Block them from your social media accounts. Get rid of them from your life if you can.

But then if you’ve already exerted efforts yet they’re still there, the best thing to do is to remove all feelings toward them, including hatred. Try not to be affected at all.

If you can make yourself understand them, do that as well. Remember that toxic people would like to bring you down because the truth is, they’re very insecure persons who are not at all happy with themselves.

8. Stay safe and healthy.

Wear your face mask and shield, get vaccinated, eat healthy foods, drink lots of water, and avoid crowds as much as possible.

Really watch what you drink and eat.

What you eat affects your mental health too. Having too much processed foods, coffee, alcohol, dairy, sugary drinks and fatty foods may trigger your anxiety. So avoid them as much as possible.

Make sure you’re not lacking in iron, protein, and magnesium too. Eating more green, leafy vegetables, avocado, whole grains, nuts, dark chocolate, to name a few, can help you fight anxiety and mood swings.

Exercise. Try walking even just inside your backyard or within your block or community if it’s allowed. You may also try yoga and other stationary exercises.

Have enough sleep too. Lack of sleep is not at all good for your health. Aside from many illnesses you may obtain from having just a few hours of sleep, you may also suffer from sleep paralysis which can just be a pretty scary experience for you!

9. Clean your surroundings and have real plants inside your home.

You’ll feel a lot better when you have a comfortable place that’s neat and smelling good. This will help you become calmer and happier.

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Make it a point to place some real plants inside your home. They not only purify the air,  but they also help you sleep better. Try having a lavender plant inside your bedroom. It can make a lot of difference on your sleeping problems,

10. Count your blessings.

This may be pretty hard to do because when you overthink, you think , of course, about problems and worries. But since you’re not able to sleep when you’re overthinking, why not focus on the good things that happened to you? Well, if you find none today, then think about the ones in your past. Think of those positive things every day until such time when your worries are being  replaced by them. You’ll then realize you’re smiling or belly laughing more than getting anxious about many things that may not even happen at all.

11. Stay connected.

There are times when you wish to be with friends and family members who are living far from you, yet travel restrictions prevent you from doing so. Please don’t feel so sad! Just think that the pandemic and all its bad memories will eventually pass, no matter how long it may take!

For sure you’ve got loads of pictures on your social media accounts, so check your albums. Each photo may bring funny and unforgettable memories that will make you smile during this difficult time. And don’t just stare at those pictures with your loved ones. Connect with them. Call, chat or message them.

Find new friends virtually too. Join groups you’re comfortable with. If you’re vegan, then find vegan groups and you’ll definitely enjoy interacting with them and sharing all vegan recipes with them!

12. Have side hustles.

Side hustles may help you lessen the  hours of worrying or getting anxious. They may be your hobbies or something you’re good at that you can easily do them even when you have a full job. Doing side hustles will also provide you with additional income which will somehow help you lessen your financial worries.

13. Get back to nature.

Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

Go back to a much simpler life. It may be the change you wish to have for some time now to avoid stress, anxiety, or depression.

Take time to smell the flowers. Or maybe the chirpings of birds and the sound of waves are the best type of music that will help you find inner peace, comfort and joy in these trying times.

14. Reach out to the needy.

Truth is you’re not the only one feeling anxious or depressed. As mentioned earlier, there are so many people around the globe experiencing it this pandemic. So though you also feel this way, it’s still better to reach out. How? If you can afford it, donate to different legitimate causes. The feeling of being able to help others will give you inexpressible joy and contentment.

Also reach out to friends who may be feeling the same way. Make them feel they’re not alone at all during these trying times.

Thinking of others when you’re also having your trials and problems makes you a better human being with better sleep, better perspective in life, and better days ahead of you!

15. Try searching for God.

Seek God when you feel too anxious or depressed, and even when you’re not.

Well, you may not feel like doing it for many reasons. And one of these may be because you’re not that fond of religious people. But you see, seeking God is not at all about being like those religious people you may not like. Seeking God means having a deeper, more personal relationship with Him by praying alone, or trying to get to know Him by reading the Bible, or watching a movie or series about Him. The series, The Chosen may just appeal to you. Try watching it.