Personal Hygiene Hacks with Low Budget

Personal Hygiene Hacks with Low Budget

You, like the rest of us, are of course conscious about personal hygiene. Aside from looking good, you want to feel good. Proper hygiene means being healthy too. It’s that important.

But maintaining a personal hygiene can often be expensive.

You may not realize it, but you may be spending so much money for your personal hygiene. But there are actually some ways you can be neat, clean and healthy without spending too much. Here’s how:

Use baking soda to remove different smells on your body.

Baking soda may be used as a deodorant. Just rub some of it on a dry underarm and you will definitely lose that anxiety on having a body odor! And you might be surprised to know that baking soda can also be used as a toothpaste.

You may also dissolve baking soda in the water when you take a bath. It balances the pH level of your skin and may be used to wash your intimate parts to remove unpleasant smells.

Try coconut oil as a moisturizer.

It is a very effective moisturizer. Coconut oil makes the skin soft and smooth, and it’s not just for your body but for your face too. You’ll feel better because you’ll even look younger!

Other uses of coconut oil include itch relief, deodorant, dandruff removal and hair conditioner, to name a few.

Take advantage of olive oil for a more attractive you.

Olive oil is good for your skin, especially for your face, to make it smooth. It also helps to prevent wrinkles.

You may also use it as a make-up remover and hand softener. Olive oil is also good in soothing itchy skin and in making the hair soft and shiny.

Avoid too much sun exposure. 

Too much sun can really damage the skin. And if you have very sensitive skin, you’re prone to having allergies. What’s more, you may suffer from skin asthma with costly treatment. The best thing to do is to keep away from the sun during the hours when it can really affect your skin badly.

Take advantage of apple vinegar cider for your beauty regimen.

Believe it or not, you may use apple vinegar cider as a facial toner and hair rinse. And it’s very effective!

Apple vinegar cider may also serve as your deodorant. Just dab some of it on your underarms and you won’t have to worry about having a bad odor.

Aside from this, you may use it to remove unpleasant smell of feet. Just soak your feet in warm water with at least a tablespoon of apple vinegar cider.

Drink lots of water.

Keep invigorated and stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. This does wonders to your skin. It improves your complexion and helps eliminate toxins from your blood. Also, drinking lots of water not just helps you lose weight but also helps prevent headaches and cramps.

Observe healthy living.

Eating healthy really means spending less on personal hygiene. Munching on carrots, for example, helps you maintain clear eyesight. Having fruits and veggies give you a healthy body so you don’t suffer from sickness. That means you spend less for medical bills.

Exercise for a more good looking you!  It makes you less stressed and happier. You’re going to sleep better at night too.

These are just some of the tips that will help you feel healthy and clean all over. Try them and you’ll be glad to realize you’re finally being able to manage your budget more wisely too!