10 Tips on How to Save Money this Pandemic

10 Tips on How to Save Money this Pandemic

You can save money if you try hard enough, even during a pandemic period.

This may seem ironic since you may be trying to make both ends meet during these difficult and uncertain times, but you can still try to save. If you’re working from home, imagine the amount of money you are not allotting for transportation expenses nowadays. And how about the money you usually allot for leisure travel? Now that you may be too adamant to go somewhere not only because of the virus threat, but also because of travel restrictions, imagine the amount of money you can save from that too!

But for sure there are lots of temptations even when you’re just in the comfort of your home. But do think about saving. Why? Because you must prepare for emergency funds aside from your immediate needs. It’s also important to save money for your future.

Here are 10 tips on how you can save money during this pandemic.

1. Grow plants – for you to eat or sell.

Vertical Gardening
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Not having enough space is not longer a valid excuse. You can try vertical or pot gardening. Grow veggies or fruits which you can eat and sell too. Grow plants that are beneficial to you and to other people as well.

Planting or gardening is also good for your mental well-being.

2. Declutter and sell your unused things.

Garage sale (make it virtual this pandemic)
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There are things you bought but never use at all. So why not sell them? You’ll even save money by earning from it. Aside from that, you will have a more spacious room which will give you comfort and peace. And that’s another way to help you achieve mental wellness.

3. Online shop if you must, but only for the things you really need.

Buying groceries online
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You may need to buy your groceries online to avoid being exposed to many people. And well, it’s really better to stay at home and be safe from the coronavirus. But when you do online shopping, make sure you really need the things you will buy. Avoid buying things that you just want and don’t really need.

4. Make use of free subscriptions and avoid loans as much as possible.

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There are many free sites you can access for work, study and leisure. That should be enough so that you won’t spend more for internet connectivity. You don’t have to subscribe to other apps or sites that need your additional payment.

Stay away from loan sharks and avoid borrowing money if you can help it. It’s much better to buy things using the cash you save than having loans that will cause you misery by paying interests for months or years.

5. Use household products for a more beautiful and young-looking you.

Baking soda for a more beautiful you
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Take advantage of household products which you can use for yourself. Baking soda and virgin coconut oil, for example, are two inexpensive yet very effective household products that you can use for a more beautiful and young-looking you. Baking soda not only helps with pimple and other skin problems, it can also be used to prevent bad smell or odor. Yes, you can use it as deodorant (just don’t mix it in water, it may hurt your skin)! Virgin coconut oil, on the other hand, is good not only for your skin and hair, but also for your health.

6. Stay healthy, exercise, and observe health protocols.

www.flickr.com/keithallison Aviva Sinay
Photo credit: www.flickr.com/keithallison Aviva Sinay

There are a lot of money you can save if you strive to stay healthy during this pandemic. Don’t forget to use face mask and shield to protect yourself from the virus.

Stay healthy by doing even simple exercises, drinking lots of water, and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. Go plant-based and see or feel the difference. You’ll even look younger!

7. Offer your skills and services but not for free!

If you’re good in Math, teach Math online for a certain fee. If you’re techy, then promote what you can do for a certain fee too, such as creating websites, coding, and so much more.

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A lot of businesses may have closed, and many people may have lost their jobs, but there are still businesses and jobs that are thriving despite the pandemic. Delivery service is one business that is very much in demand these days. If you can offer delivery services, then do it! You will earn money that can contribute immensely in your savings as well.

8. Study free courses online.

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You can save a lot by enrolling to free online courses. Imagine the amount of money you’ll spend if you have to pay for your tuition fees! But now there are a lot of courses to choose from and they’re free! You will not just save money, you will also be able to upgrade yourself with more skills and knowledge.

9. Go thrifty with electricity and water usage.

Make it a habit to remove cables, chargers, etc. from your electric sockets. Always turn off the lights and air conditioning units if you’re not using them, especially when you leave home. And you’d better get rid of old appliances that consume more energy.

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Recycle water. Don’t just spill water if you can still use it for cleaning your surroundings. You can save a lot by doing these things because your water and electric bills won’t be that high.

10. Avoid penalties by paying bills on time.

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Pay your bills diligently, even if there are many companies that have extended the due dates of their services due to the pandemic. Pay on time, or ahead of time if you can help it, to avoid penalties. You will also free yourself from a lot of worries.

You can definitely use these 10 saving tips for your own good. Then what should you do with the money you have saved?

As mentioned earlier, save for immediate and emergency uses. Also save for your future. How? Don’t just save money in the bank, but invest your money too so that it can grow more. You may also invest in real estate. Owning property one day soon will give you more opportunities to prosper too. Aside from these, apply for insurance policies that will likewise be beneficial to you and your family.

You see, there are so many advantages you can get when you save money, not just during a pandemic time but for your future endeavor and retirement. You will also have the chance to help others and your country when you reach financial success and freedom. So take advantage of your youth, skills, brains, and strength. And when you do this, you can guarantee a life of contentment and bliss in the future.

So what are you waiting for? Start saving now!