12 Life Lessons from Year 2020 that We Should Value and Use in 2021

12 Life Lessons from Year 2020 that We Should Value and Use in 2021

2020 will go down in history as one of the worst years ever experienced by people around the globe. Bush fires, plane crashes, locust swarms, big floods, Taal Volcano eruption, to name a few. Then most of all – the coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic. Many have lost their loved ones due to the virus that triggered their underlying health conditions. So many people have lost their jobs as well, as lots of businesses have closed shops. People suffer from anxiety disorders, restlessness, and depression. Everything is so uncertain.

But on the other hand, it’s much better to focus on the lessons we have learned this 2020 that will make us look at year 2021 with more glimmer of hope. Here are 12 lessons we can apply in our lives as we start anew in 2021:

1. Enjoy all that we have now, for life is fleeting.

It’s not at all wrong to work hard for a better future. But while we do this, let’s not forget to appreciate who we’re with, and what we have right now. Being happy with all that we have at the moment, while still preparing for a brighter future- that’s the best thing we can do.

The year 2020 has opened our eyes to the fact that life is temporary. Nobody gets out of this world alive. So make each moment count, not only for ourselves, but for others.

2. Respect nature and all creatures, big and small, to enjoy a much better world.

We are part of the natural world. Being part of it means we are not the only ones who own it. The animals and Mother Nature are also part of this world. We must share this world with them with respect.

Needless to say, disrespect of nature and abuse of other creatures, particularly farm animals, are some of the reasons why we suffer from unpleasant situations, such as this COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Bond with family.

Our families are oftentimes the ones we take for granted all these years. But the year 2020 has made us stay at home as we experience community lockdown and quarantine to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

The year 2020 has given us the chance to bond with our families and know one another better. We’ve also learned to look out for each other, making sure that every family member is in good condition to survive this year of the pandemic.

4. Celebrate the heroes in our midst.

We’re all guilty of taking the frontliners for granted – people who make sure we continue to be provided with all our needs during the pandemic, while we stay in the comforts of our homes. The medical staff, the food, maintenance, and service crew, drivers, household help, street cleaners, security guards, and so much more- these are our modern day heroes! They deserve our kindness, compassion and respect.

5. Put technology in good use.

Technology is stealthily becoming one of our basic needs nowadays. Students need to study at home through online learning. And the internet definitely plays the biggest role in this whole pandemic period. Through it, people get to work from home and still continue to earn a living to provide for the whole family. Friends and families who are apart still communicate and see each other virtually.

It is heartwarming to know as well that a lot of people have been using technology in varied, wonderful ways. People are extending help to people and animals in need through online projects. And these random acts of kindness give us hope in this otherwise chaotic world.

6. Give importance to our health because it truly is our wealth.

This year, we have realized all the more the essence of having good health. We need to eat the right foods, up our water intake, make time for exercise, have enough sleep, and do the hobbies or things that give us joy and help us maintain our mental wellness.

Having a healthy mind and body will help us fight the coronavirus with flying colors.

7. Save money.

Financial literacy is of utmost importance this pandemic. Our eyes, mind and heart now know the value of setting aside a percentage of our income as our savings.

But then we’ve also realized that saving won’t be enough. We need to make our money grow and we have to work hard to earn it. We especially need it this pandemic should a family member get sick, or simply because we have to provide for our families.

8. Have multiple income streams.

We’ve truly learned this 2020 that we need to have multiple income streams. With so many people around the world losing their jobs, we must think of ways to still earn should we lose ours.

Just how can we obtain multiple income streams? How do we make our money grow? First, we must discipline ourselves to have our cash come in more, and not go out constantly. One way to do this is to invest in stocks, real estate, entrepreneurship, insurance, and so much more.

We may use our talents and skills to make a start. Grow and sell plants. Or earn from the things we don’t use at all. Like clothes we didn’t even get to wear, bags and shoes we bought but haven’t used, and so many other things. Schedule a garage sale, . Let’s use our creativity. And don’t give up!

9. Explore and upgrade ourselves.

Many of us have become extremely bored since the pandemic started.

Why not turn the time we just stare into space into something more worthwhile by taking up online classes to upgrade ourselves? This will not only give us self-fulfillment, but it will also allow us to be more profitable, as the skills we have acquired will give us more job or business opportunities in the near future.

10. Love ourselves.

This year, we should have realized how important it is to love ourselves. And we’re not being selfish when we do that. To be able to care for another person or persons, we should first believe in ourselves and be contented with all that we have.

It’s okay to take a break after hours and hours of our hard work. The pandemic should have taught us how to manage our time most wisely. And this includes taking a rest when we feel tired and stressed. Spend time with our beloved pets. Enjoy gardening, it’s the “in” thing these days! Sing. Dance. Paint. Binge watch our favorite K-dramas and movies, or enjoy reading our favorite books or webtoons. That’s part of loving ourselves – indulging in the things we love to do, as long as we have set a schedule for everything to be accomplished each day.

11. Think of others.

Life in the year 2020 has enabled us to really care for those around us. We cannot just think about ourselves, we have to think of others too.

The compassion and kindness we show to those in need bring us, in return, immeasurable joy and peace that are just priceless.

12. Keep the faith.

Having faith in God will definitely give us the determination and courage to move forward to the new year. despite the coronavirus and all the bad situations we continue to experience. Our faith will give us the reason to smile and to keep trying to live a life filled with meaning, no matter what happens.

And so the year 2020 will go down in history as one of the worst years ever experienced by mankind. But it will go down in history too as one of the years when most of us strive to lift each other up. We have survived. That’s all that truly matters. We can now bid farewell to this very challenging year by learning our life lessons well, and look forward to 2021 with faith, hope, and love in our hearts.