Let’s Vote Wisely! Here’s How

Let’s Vote Wisely! Here’s How

We may not realize it, but the decisions we make whenever we vote play such a huge impact on our lives. The results of our votes affect our nation and the generations to come.

So we must vote wisely!

Here are some of the ways we can vote wisely and may they truly serve as our guide:

Review the accomplishments of the political candidates.

Are these persons serving in politics for years now? If yes, have they presented their platforms many times before? Have they been true to their promises, commitments, and responsibilities? We must make sure that they have taken their positions as leaders seriously. Have they passed some bills which resulted to the betterment of the majority of people, especially the marginalized? Are they aware of the people’s problems? Did they do something to help resolve those problems?

Know the candidates’ qualifications and platforms.

Politicians must draft and pass bills that will benefit the people and the nation. So they must be qualified enough to be senators or congressmen.

Ordinary people or workers have to go through examinations, interviews and are very much scrutinized before getting accepted at work. So if we, as ordinary people, must go through all these, why then should political candidates not undergo such screening before being voted to positions that will have a great impact on the success of the country’s economy?

Be grateful to people who don’t have much qualifications but are helping in the country’s nation building. But should we vote them if they run for public office?

It all boils down to their contributions to the country and to their fellowmen. And it’s now up to us to determine if they should have our votes when they decide to run for public office. But enough knowledge about laws, and having the right skills, and experience, as well as concern and integrity, must be taken into consideration and must be top priority.

Don’t be fooled by election campaign advertisements, jingles and promotions.

One of the saddest things we often realize too late is when we got fooled by celebrities endorsing politicians, and other sorts of promotions. It’s obvious that the candidates will do everything to build themselves up and to win. What we should really look into are the candidates’ integrity and performance as public servants. So it’s really depressing when people accept money from them just to have their votes. That alone is the start of corruption.

There are celebrities or famous personalities who are paid to endorse politicians. Though some may do it for free because these famous people are really rooting for them. But let’s face it, many are doing it because of the payment.

Campaign advertisements are pretty expensive! As responsible voters, we should be more observant and diligent in assessing the true colors of these candidates. Where do they get the funds for their campaign? Do their friends and families join forces to shoulder the expenses? Or do we really have reasons to question how they have the funds to promote themselves big time?

Take note that there are candidates who don’t have enough resources for campaigning purposes but are good public servants.

We should consider looking into the background of these not-so-known people. They could be great contributors to the development of our country. We do need public servants who will really serve the people without resorting to corruption.

Don’t vote just because the candidates are famous.

They may be persons with charisma and great talents, but don’t vote just because of that. They must be capable and qualified to run for public office. Politicians draft bills and discuss important issues and other matters that will benefit the people and the nation. Their jobs as politicians have nothing to do with singing, dancing or entertaining.

Posting in social media helps a lot to promote the good politicians. But it’s not enough.

We should go out on Election Day and exercise our rights to vote. But more than this, we must vote knowing we’re doing it for the sake of the nation and its people.

Put simply, let’s vote wisely to help our country progress. Let’s do our part in ensuring that our children and the next generations will have a brighter future here on our own land.