Is Social Media Bad for Us?

Is Social Media Bad for Us?

Social media has really become part of our lives. Majority of us has at least one account on these social media platforms. And it has become a habit that we open these accounts every day, not just for a few minutes but for many hours!

Is social media really bad for us?

Many people say that social media is bad for them. It triggers negative emotions such as envy, self-pity, insecurity, anxiety, sadness and depression. And it’s ironic because in the past, people find social media as their stress reliever. But now, people are unfollowing toxic friends, deactivating accounts, or travelling out-of-town or abroad. Their reason? They’re avoiding social media to de-stress!

On the other hand, there are people who find social media as a rich and good source of information. Also, they find that it is of immense help to chat with long, lost relatives or friends and be updated with what’s happening in their lives. Social media can also be a means to find virtual friends who may have such big impact in others’ lives.

Its effect can then vary for different people.

The different social media platforms may really trigger varied emotions among us. They just become a disadvantage to us when the negative feelings surpass the positive ones. Since these platforms may act as ways to boast, rant or criticize, our lives get affected when we start comparing ourselves with our friends and resort to self-pity. We feel insecure, hopeless, envious and depressed.

But hey, we can find ways to make social media work for us!

We can apply the power of positive thinking through social media. While it’s true that we can’t control what our friends are posting, we can make a difference with our own posts and tweets. The key is to always think of what others would feel after reading our tweets, blogs or posts. Will those make them smile or hopeful, or will those ruin their day and or even affect their well-being? Are we boasting or bragging unintentionally? There are so many things to consider because posting and commenting on different social media sites can truly affect people’s lives without us realizing this.

Our posts are not just posts, they are part of our responsibilities in our modern times.

We are really responsible for all we post, comment, and blog. We should realize that what we post can be seen worldwide! Our posts are also reflections of our character and of what’s in our hearts. So we should always keep in mind that the consequences of our posts are also our responsibilities.

 Just like in real life, we can spread kindness, hope, love and peace in these platforms. 

Doing good is also applicable online, not just with people we meet personally. And by doing good, we will feel good too, knowing that we are not the ones spreading toxicity and bad emotions. It’s high time we make social medial platforms work for the good of all. Because at the end of the day, it’s still best to choose happiness, kindness, compassion and love, even in social media.