Here is your Chance to Invest 5k in the Philippine Government! Grab that Retail Treasury Bond.

Here is your Chance to Invest 5k in the Philippine Government! Grab that Retail Treasury Bond.

The Philippine government is offering you to invest, and you don’t need millions to do it! Just Php 5,000 and you are ready to go!

The BTr, expanded as the Bureau of Treasury or simply Philippine’s ultimate treasurer, has offered retail treasury bonds for primary market at 5k. Usually, these are offered at a minimum of 200k which ordinary citizens like us couldn’t afford even when we do work super full time. But at 5k, it’s a steal! We got to grab it while supplies last.

The offering of Retail Treasury Bonds, also known as RTB in finance industry, is being conducted in order to improve Philippine’s local capital market and raise funds for different Government expenditures including the ambitious #BuildBuildBuild program.

Most of the time, we do buy material things that decrease value over time. It’s really not an  issue how we spend our money, that is our money anyway. But if it’s an excess of 5k that we don’t need in the near future, or that we can easily replace in the next pay day, why not invest it in the Philippine Government?! What is more fun in investing in RTB is that, the 5k we invested won’t decrease in value over time.  Instead, it increases! Where would we find a money that grows by itself? Well, that is almost what happens when we invest, that is how rich guys do it, and we can now do it too!

By this time, you must be thinking how to buy that retail treasury bonds.

It’s quite simple. Visit your bank and accomplish their requirements, then viola! You get your money to grow by itself! For those with Landbank accounts, check this site for their requirements. And for those with accounts in other banks, do visit them as soon as possible, and inquire if they’re part of the institutions that were granted RTBs during the government auction. If they are, then just follow their step-by-step instructions. Grab the chance now!